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Jason Porter

Jason Porter

VP, Emerging Technologies Practice, CGI

Mr. Porter is the Vice President of CGI Federal’s Emerging Technology Practice (ETP). ETP is focused on identification, development and delivery of emerging technology for our Federal Clients. Mr. Porter has over 25+ years’ experience in Government Technology implementations with over 20 years focused on AI, Machine Learning, Physical Security, Operational Surveillance, Health Care, C3i & C4i technology, Data Analytics, Video Analytics and profiling systems.

Mr. Porter been recognized for his technology contributions for government and has been invited to present to a multiple of governments; US, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK and Canada. He was invited to brief by CDC and Homeland Security to brief strategic plans for the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program and IT solutions for terrorism response, bio-terrorism surveillance, and disease surveillance. He has designed and developed technology for DOD’s R&D programs to demonstrate machine learning for cross domain, workflow management and targeting technology. Mr. Porter has presented at National conferences on Data Integration for Public Health, Pharmaceutical Tracking & Distribution, Data Warehousing, and IT solutions for Health Care. He has conducted international briefings for China’s CDC Director (Professor Jin Li), CDC Deputy Directory, and Principal Epidemiologist Staff. He has conducted management Solutions briefing for CIO of FEMA, Treasury, OFAC, OPIC, CBP and PEO office for the Secure Border Initiative.