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Jake Zebell

Jake Zebell

Section Chief, FPAC Business Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Jake currently manages all software delivery for the FPAC Conservation Section which includes 120+ applications across both NRCS and FSA. He has spent the last 10 years with the USDA. Prior to working with FPAC as a Senior Solutions Architect and then Section Chief, He was a Section Chief at MRP and APHIS. Prior to this, he led as a Senior .Net developer at multiple companies. Over the course of his career, he has held many hats some of which include – systems administrator, network administrator, UI/UX specialist, and PM in both private and public industry.

Jake holds a BS in Information Sciences, is a certified SPC, PMP, FAC-PPM-IT III, FAC-COR III and holds multiple Microsoft developer certifications.

When he is not heads down at work, he spends much of his time enjoying the Colorado landscape. He spends most summer weekends up in the mountains camping and hiking with his wife and two daughters. He also enjoys woodworking, skiing, sand volleyball and golf.