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Jackie Everett

Vice Chair at Large

An active volunteer in the federal IT community, current IAC board member, developed and moderated various conferences and industry events, an industry advisory past chair for TechAmerica (ITAPS) Acquisition Management, ACT-IAC Acquisition Vice-Chair, committee chair for MOC awards program, MOC and ELC planning committees, and a proud graduate of the 2000 ACT-IAC Partners program.  I proactively support my teams in the participation in the Partners, Voyagers and Associates programs and other activities because I believe strongly in the mission and value of ACT-IAC engagement.

I am at FedFusion, a women-owned small business.  I have been an Executive at Large, Mid-Size, and Small businesses.  I am responsible for growth, budgets, personnel, and strategy directions.  I have been held accountable for decades to deliver growth and strengthen organizational goals.  I am an innovator and always finding ways to help our government find new solutions to complex challenges.  I find it critical to listen and collaborate with government during these changing times and help lean forward towards tomorrows offerings.  Collaborations with current customers are a critical component of partnership and it supports innovation and the growth within organizations.  Throughout my career, I relied on ACT-IAC to engage with clients and understand how best to contribute to government’s improvements.   

I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas, and a Master of Science degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.