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Institute for Innovation


The ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation was created in 2011 to provide a place for thought leaders from government and industry to address high priority and game-changing issues.

The need for the Institute was first identified in 2010 when ACT-IAC was the Department of Veterans Affairs asked ACT-IA for advice on how to transition a major legacy health care system (VistA) into the 21st century. In response, a group of ACT-IAC members produced a strategy that is still in use today.  Later that same year, the Office of Management and Budget asked ACT-IAC for recommendations on how to improve the sustainability of Federal financial information systems. Both projects provided valuable input for government decision makers and, more importantly, demonstrated the need for a forum to address significant, game-changing issues that could transform the way government operates. ACT-IAC subsequently established the Institute for Innovation with the mission to:

Provide an objective and non-partisan forum for strategic thought leadership to advance government missions through the innovative application and management of information technology.

Institute projects are selected based on their impact on government and industry, scale and timeliness, and the ability of the Institute to provide a unique perspective and expertise. Institute projects include recommendations on how to “Transform the Way Government Builds Solutions” and a report on “Recommended Functions for a Customer Experience Office”.  In 2014, the Institute launched “Igniting Innovation” – an annual showcase and awards program to recognize innovative products and services from government and industry.  For information on Igniting Innovation and other Institute projects, click here.

The work of the Institute is made possible through the support of funding provided by non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.  Representatives from the sponsors, along with representatives from the ACT-IAC leadership and several government advisors, participate as members of the Innovators Circle that oversees the activities of the Institute.  While thought leaders from these partners, and representatives of the ACT-IAC leadership team, guide and govern the Institute, they do not influence project recommendations in keeping with ACT-IAC’s commitment to maintaining a non-partisan, vendor-neutral, collaborative environment.

For further information on the Institute, contact Mike Howell at

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