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Cross-boundary Partnerships

The Institute for Innovation coordinates with other ACT-IAC programs to promote innovation including:

- integrating innovation into ACT-IAC's major events (for more information about Imagine Nation ELC 2018 click here, Acquisition Excellence 2018 click here, Executive Leadership Conference 2017 click here, Management of Change 2017 click here, and Acquisition Excellence 2017 click here)

- incorporating innovation in ACT-IAC's professional development programs (for more information, click here)

- coordinating with ACT-IAC's Communities of Interest to include innovation in their projects (for more information, click here)

- collaborating with ACT-IAC's Small Business Alliance (for more information, click here) and NexUs (for more information, click here) to promote innovation in joint events

The Institute for Innovation also collaborates with other external organizations to promote innovation. One recent example was a multi-organizational effort led by the Partnership for Public Service's Center for Presidential Transition (for more information, click here).