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Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards


Igniting Innovation is the ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation's premier annual event to identify, recognize, and promote the best innovations in government to improve services to citizens and government operations. Igniting Innovation is designed to showcase the best solutions to important problems and help spread them to other federal, state and local government organizations and industry.

Nominations have been extended to January 12, 2018!  Click here to submit a nomination. 


ProcessAnyone can nominate an innovation that benefits (or could benefit) services to citizens and government operations.
There is no limit to the number of nominations you may submit -  you may submit more than one.
Nominations must have been conceived, developed, deployed or upgraded in the last two years to be eligible.

Nominations will be evaluated by a panel of ACT-IAC judges to select the top finalists who will be invited to exhibit their innovations at the Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards event.

The Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards event is planned for April 2018 in Washington DC - specific date and location to be determined.

Fees: There are no fees for submitting a nomination or exhibiting an innovation at the event (a booth will be provided). Exhibitors are responsible for their own travel expenses to attend and for any additional technical support required beyond the basic booth.

Awards: The Igniting Innovation Award is given to the best overall innovation as determined by social media voting by the audience. Four "Dynamite Awards" are given by a panel of judges:

• Impacter –  the innovation with the greatest magnitude of results and benefits, both quantitative and qualitative.

• Game Changer –  a disruptive innovation that creates a new market, significantly impacts an existing one, or provides a major breakthrough on a longstanding problem.

• Transformer – innovation that leverages or re-purposes existing solutions and capabilities resulting in new or broadened applicability and uses.

• Incubator – not–yet-deployed innovation with the greatest potential to enhance services to citizens or government operations (must have at least a working prototype).

Further Information: Contact Mike Howell at or 703-208-4800 ext. 228


Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 7:00am to Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 3:00pm

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