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Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 9AM-5PM EDT
Venue Address: 
Renaissance Washington DC Hotel
999 9th St NW
Washington , DC 20001
Friday, May 11, 2018 - 9AM-5PM EDT
2018-05-11 09:00:00 2018-05-11 17:00:00 America/New_York Igniting Innovation 2018 Conference and Awards See more details at: Renaissance Washington DC Hotel, 999 9th St NW, Washington, DC
Venue Address: 
Renaissance Washington DC Hotel
999 9th St NW
Washington , DC 20001
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Event Details


Congratulations to this year's award winners and Top  8 Finalists!

2018 Igniting Innovation Award Overall Winner

HRSA's New Data Analytics Platform, Health Resources and Services Administration, HHS

Dynamite Award Winners

  • Impacter – greatest magnitude of innovation results and benefits.
    Gov2Go - NIC Federal, LLC
  • Game Changer:  disruptive innovation that creates a new market, significantly impacts an existing one, or results in a major breakthrough on a longstanding problem.
    Acquisition in the Digital Age (AiDA) - The MITRE Corporation
  • Transformer: uses existing technology to transform or extend existing capabilities resulting in new or broadened applicability and use.
    Cognitive Object Detection Assistant (CODA) - IBM Corporation
  • Incubator: not–yet-deployed innovation with greatest potential to enhance services to citizens or government operations (must have at least a working prototype).
    Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management - NASA

Top Eight Finalists Selected by Attendees Were:

Agile Acquisition at the OCC, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Biometrics Cloud Modernization, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DHS and Pyramid Systems Inc., General Services Administration

FedRAMP Tailored, FedRAMP

HRSA's New Data Analytics Platform, Health Resources and Services Administration, HHS

Seeing AI: Talking Camera App, Microsoft

Sentinel Analytics System, Federal Trade Commission and Leidos

USDA Ethics Mobile Application, U.S. Department of Agriculture


View the speaker's presentations here

read about the top 40 finalists' innovations here

view the top 40 finalists videos here


Igniting Innovation is the premier annual event featuring innovations to improve services to citizens and government operations.  This year's program will be bigger and better than ever!  Don't miss this chance to learn what's happening on the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Forty Exhibits by top innovators from across the nation
  • Keynote and panels by senior government officials 
  • "Lightning Talks" by experienced innovators
  • An interactive, human-centered design session on procurement innovation

Matt Lira, Special Assistant to the President for Innovation Policy and Initiatives, White House Office of American Innovation

The Trump Administration Innovation Agenda









Gary Washington (Chief Information Officer, USDA), Darren Ash (Assistant Chief Information Officer Farm Production and Conservation Mission Area, USDA), and Joanne Collins-Smee (Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Director of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS), GSA) Moderated by Jason Miller (Executive Editor, Federal News Radio)

USDA IT Modernization Center of Excellence

Alexis Bonnell (Division Chief of Applied Innovation and Acceleration, Global Development Lab, USAID), Gayle Girod (Chief Innovation Counsel, Global Development Lab, USAID), and James Randall Tift (Senior Adviser, Office of Acquisition and Assistance and Co-Senior Leader Champion for Effective Partnering and Procurement Reform (EPPR), USAID) Moderated by David Bray (Executive Director, People-Centered Internet)

Moving Innovation from Contact to Team Sport


Innovation Zone

Human-Centered Design for Procurement Innovation, led by Arianne Miller, Managing Director, the Lab at OPM, focused on:

Introduction by Eliana Zavala, Management Analyst, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, OMB

DHS Service Management Tool & Support Services - How a Focused Design Approach Resulted in Effective Customer Service & Mission Delivery

- Gregory Ruderman, Associate Director, IT Acquisitions Center, Office of Procurement Operations, DHS

- Scott Simpson, Contracting Officer, IT Acquisitions Center, Office of Procurement Operations, DHS

- Kofi Asante, Service Delivery Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), DHS

Lightning Talk Speakers

Nat Wood, Associate Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection, Continuing to Innovate

Jim Thompson, Director of Innovation, State Department

Open Innovation for Diplomacy (using hackathons, accelerators and blockchain)

Alexis Bonnell, Chief, Applied Innovation & Acceleration, USAID Global Development Lab

Global Innovation Exchange

Nagesh Rao, Director of Business Technology Solutions, Office of the CIO, Small Business Administration

Cultivating Innovation Ecosystems Across America

Avi Bender, Director, National Technical Information Service

Federal-Private Sector Partnerships for Delivering IT Modernization

Sarah Fahden, Chief, Identity, Records, and National Security Delivery Division, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), DHS

USCIS Verification Program

Edward Harper, Director, Office of Program Integrity, Child Nutrition Program, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

Web-based Prototype for School Meals

Jennifer Tucker, Associate Deputy Administrator, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA and Stacy Swartwood, Program/Systems Analyst, National Organic Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA

Organic Integrity Database

Top 40 Finalists

Expand the accordions to view the full program descriptions and view the videos here.

Acquisition in the Digital Age (AiDA) - The MITRE Corporation

AiDA ( is a website designed to demonstrate how agencies can leverage digital strategies and tools to navigate programs through the complex acquisition enterprise with greater success. AiDA features a tailored acquisition model for programs to apply Agile practices across the acquisition lifecycle. The model tailors the processes, reviews, and documents for that type of acquisition and offers guidance and reference each step of the way. AiDA digitized major acquisition policies to be more interactive, and curated hundreds of key policies, guides, reports, and resources for the acquisition workforce. We like to characterize AiDA as the Google Maps for Acquisition.

ADAPT+C: Build Your Analytics Strategy - Booz Allen Hamilton

ADAPT+C is a framework for a successful analytics organization. Anchored to that framework, is a set of tools and resources, including an analytics capability maturity model, an organizational assessment, a tailored roadmap, and a four-step approach to building an analytics strategy. The value of the ADAPT+C framework lies in its simplicity; it provides six critical elements, Analytic Opportunities, Data, Analytic Techniques, People, Technology, and Culture, which must be considered to increase the adoption and use of analytics within an organization. Regardless of where an organization is within its analytics journey, ADAPT+C can help navigate the road ahead.

Advanced Cyber Range Environment (ACRE) - ManTech International Corp.

Description - Using ACRE, organizations can benefit from access to military grade cyber training, testing and evaluation capabilities on highly realistic models of their own networks. They do this by putting their cybersecurity systems and personnel under “live fire cyberattacks” using real malware in a safe environment. This enables organizations to test and evaluate the security of their networks and to train users in the latest defensive cyber technologies. Use of a cyber range enables organizations to evolve on pace with emerging technologies while protecting their networks and infrastructure against damage that could occur from new malware, threats to platforms and evolving threats from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Agile Procurement Practices at the OCC - Treasury Dept. OCC

The U.S. Department of Treasury Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) implemented the following innovative Agile acquisition methods on its Application Support Contract BPA: 1) An acquisition framework that allows purchasing of Agile Story Points to apply to development work; and 2) The acquisition of fixed-priced and multidisciplinary Agile Teams. These unique acquisition strategies were piloted on two calls to contractually support Agile adoption; frequent and incremental delivery of valuable products and capabilities; and increased flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. These methods have already begun to expand Agile adoption, increase development value and output, and improve return on investment.

Auditor’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Analytics for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Qlarion

The Auditor’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Analytics solution, developed for the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor, allows the state’s approximately 180 auditors to more efficiently and expediently evaluate expenditures by every agency that receives appropriations from the state government. The solution makes it possible for auditors to review massive quantities of data in seconds and eliminates back and forth between auditors and data scientists.This solution allows the Commonwealth’s team of auditors to more quickly identify areas of possible waste and fraud, saving time and taxpayer dollars.

Automated Commercial Environment/International Trade Data System (ACE-ITDS) – FDA

To provide a single access point in which industry partners can electronically submit information to all government agencies involved in international trade, FDA worked with Customs and Border Protection to implement the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)/International Trade Data System (ITDS). Approximately 175,000 import lines (a specific product that is being imported) are processed through the ACE/ITDS each workday, and over 14 million import lines have been processed through the new system. ACE-ITDS has resulted in easier submittal by trade industry, increased speed to approve by FDA reviewers, reduced time and cost expenditures, and resulting in a more robust import process.

Bench App - Perspecta

Mobile devices have become part of the fabric of our daily lives. They have fundamentally shifted how we, as consumers, experience services in many industries. Perspecta believes the courts are at this tipping point, so we developed the BENCH App, which allows a citizen to request leniency for minor violations. Citizens can verify identification, provide documentation, receive a decision from a Court and pay any resulting fines, all without having to take time off of work to go to court. Using digital technologies the courts can clear cases faster, create a better experience, while providing fair and equitable justice.

Biometric Entry-Exit Program Traveler Verification Service - U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

Biometric matching capability that enables the government to biometrically confirm traveler identity upon departure from the United States using facial recognition technology. This matching allows the government to confirm that a foreign visitor complied with the terms of admission to the U.S., any visa requirements, as well as identifies travelers who may have entered the country without presenting themselves at an official port of entry. Through facial recognition, the government can also interdict and deter the fraudulent use of travel documents and identify individuals who may be subject to law enforcement action.

Blockify - Blockchain-based Vehicle Registration & Tracking - Infosys Public Services

The DMV needs to collaborate with external organizations like the justice and insurance departments to register vehicles. It’s imperative that all these organizations maintain the most updated information to accurately register and track vehicles. Current systems that facilitate this process are prone to errors due to duplication of records, incomplete information etc., and make collaboration difficult. BLOCKIFY addresses these challenges by offering a blockchain based vehicle registration & tracking system. BLOCKIFY ensures that the most accurate and complete information is maintained, accessed and updated in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Center for Acquisition Professional Excellence (CAPE) Acquisition College - GSA

CAPE’s flagship initiative, Acquisition College, is a new, innovative resource intended to increase the ability of GSA’s acquisition workforce to obtain the best value for government and the American people in real estate, acquisition, and technology by complementing standard certification training with engaging solutions that target the needs of GSA. The Acquisition College will offer CLP-approved continuous learning opportunities that: (1) Focus on acquisition competencies and functions that are unique to GSA’s services (e.g., establishing Schedules, constructing and maintaining public buildings) and (2) Build on-the-job skills, in addition to knowledge, by incorporating hands-on learning through interactive functionality. - GSA

As the nation’s primary platform for sharing and improving government software, helps government agencies implement the Federal Source Code Policy by harvesting their software projects to enable members of the government and the general public explore, improve, and reuse the government’s custom-developed code.

Cognitive Object Detection Assistant (CODA) - IBM Global Business Services

IBM implemented the Cognitive Object Detection Assistant (CODA) Proof of Concept (PoC) for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Office of Acquisition Program Management (OAPM). CODA proves early machine learning successes for x-ray baggage screening in the checkpoint environment and demonstrates the ability to improve threat object detection performance in comparison to traditional detection methods. CODA augments the presented x-ray image for the operator by highlighting threat and prohibited items, identifying threat type, and providing a confidence score. CODA technology demonstrated a 99% detection rate for a handgun threat.

Consumer Sentinel Network Analytics System for Law Enforcement - Leidos

To enable our nation’s federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to easily investigate consumer reports of Fraud, Scams, and Identity Theft, and protect consumers from harm, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) has redeveloped its Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) to be a more effective Law Enforcement investigation system in close collaboration with the Department of Justice (DOJ), and its end users. Utilizing advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities, CSN improves law enforcement’s ability to investigate specific targets, identify new cases, analyze trends and patterns in consumer reports, and thereby protect consumers.

Coverage Indication Technology (CIT) - Sensible Spreader Technologies

CIT is an innovation that involves mobile devices, wireless sensors, and cloud computing to indicate to winter road maintenance (and street sweeping) operators the areas that have been completed over time duration's. For example, in winter road maintenance operations, operators are expected to evenly apply deicing chemicals to infrastructure to avoid ice from forming on the roadway. Operators typically rely on their memory and voice communications to determine which areas have been treated and which areas haven’t. CIT indicates coverage information to operators through a dash mounted display, resulting in fewer missed roads as well as increases in operational efficiency.

Customer Profile Management System Name Check Service (CPMS-NC) - USCIS & Pyramid Systems, Inc.

The CPMS-NC initiative reinvented the way USCIS Immigration Records and Identity Services (IRIS) Directorate, Biometrics Division (BD) processes FBI name-based background checks. The CPMS-NC service functions as a broker between all USCIS Case Management Systems (CMS) and the FBI Next-Generation National Name Check Program (NGNCP) resulting in: Reducing processing time,  Cutting costs and Consolidating complex logic. The CPMS-NC service replaces a set of manual processes and batch legacy applications suffering from inconsistent logic and duplicate submissions with a single transformative web service that removes duplicates and decreases name-check turn-around from days to hours saving USCIS an average of $85,000 each month.

Digital Copilot® - The MITRE Corporation

The Digital Copilot® is a cognitive assistant that provides the single-pilot operator with benefits of a crewed operation by using a mobile device. The software-based capability includes proprietary algorithms and a unique user interface that form a cognitive assistant for the pilot of a general aviation aircraft. The Digital Copilot accesses a large set of aviation information sources to monitor flight progress and to alert the pilot to potential safety issues. This technology may be applied to airspace awareness, clearance conformance, approach briefing automation, surface safety, holding pattern depiction, traffic pattern entry, as well as other tasks.

District Defend and District Detect - Booz Allen Hamilton

District is a contextually-based mobile security platform designed to address challenges faced by mobile device hardware and native operating systems. It provides hardware based automated control of device behavior (powering on/off and disabling access to peripherals, and operating systems) based entirely on administrator-defined policies associated with specific environments. It focuses on: 1) dynamic, automated security enforcement; 2) end-point hardening addressing nation-state style attacks; 3) proactive data protection against negligence or malicious attacks; 4) actionable asset tracking, reporting, and analytics. District provides the foundation for a robust mobile ecosystem with secure wireless networking, multi-domain workflows, real-time threat detection, and mobile device management.

FedRAMP Tailored Authorization for Low-Impact Cloud Services - FedRAMP

New cloud solutions provide government the opportunity to more effectively achieve their missions while saving time and resources. However, the rigor of FedRAMP’s existing baselines can make market entry prohibitive for low-risk cloud solutions. To give Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) an actionable means of demonstrating the security required to work with government, FedRAMP designed the Tailored solution. Tailored provides a greatly reduced set of security requirements for low-risk systems that enables a streamlined approach for determining risk and authorizing cloud solutions and agile private-public partnerships for cloud service adoption, without sacrificing overall security.

FormAR – Gamification & Digitization of Government Forms - Infosys Public Services

It’s not easy to fill up government forms like form for driving license, vehicle registration etc. There’s a lot of information to be filled, instructions may not be very helpful, and even a simple mistake may require a lot of rework. FormAR, a mobile app, uses Augmented Reality to help customers fill forms faster by up to 33 % and minimize errors. Customers can just point the app to the form and it would list the sample text that should be filled, in the language of choice. With FormAR, agencies can significantly improve customer experience.

Gov2Go - NIC

Gov2Go is the first digital personal assistant for government. It’s a nationwide platform solution that delivers essential federal, state, and local government services to citizens quickly and easily via the devices they use today, and includes convenient functionality like one-click payments.

GovReady-Q Pilot in ROCKIT Innovation Lab - DHS

DHS OCTO created “RockIT Innovation Lab” to provide Third-party End-to-End Engineering (E3) for testing new Information Technology solutions prior to enterprise implementation. RockIT Innovation Lab’s viability was first proven with a 45-day sprint Proof of Concept of GovReady-Q, a Third-party compliance analysis tool and service provider that automates the creation and ongoing maintenance of the Systems Security Plan (SSP). RockIT Innovation Lab is powered by 2 Twelve Solutions’ VeriCloud data center infrastructure to provide a reconfigurable cloud environment that emulates DHS’s enterprise network and a set of mission applicable use cases. DHS OCTO GovReady-Q Pilot demonstrated security scanning and automatically updating the SSP in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline based on continuing changes to an application.

GSA FASt Lane Project Accelerating Federal Acquisitions with Blockchain - GSA & Sapient Consulting

The first public or private project operationalizing blockchain as the backbone to the procurement process in the world, the General Services Administration FASt Lane Proof of Concept has accelerated S70 federal acquisitions through automation. Utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology foundationally and layering smart contracts, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, GSA is truly modernizing the contract process. With improved process times and enhanced operations, the system provides an efficient, flexible, secure, transparent and data-driven experience to over 1,000 federal, state and local customers. Shaping a new wave of innovation, this initiative has proved blockchain is both successfully and doable in government.

GSA Fleet Mobile Solutions - GSA

GSA Fleet Mobile Solutions enhance the vehicle leasing experience for GSA Fleet customer agencies and optimize business operations for GSA Fleet vehicles. GSAFleet2Go is a mobile app that targets drivers of Fleet leased vehicles, providing them preventive maintenance notifications/information, guidance to Fleet’s maintenance and repair vendor network, vehicle recall reminders, roadside assistance, instruction on proper protocols in the event of vehicle accidents, and other relevant information. FMS2Go, another GSA Fleet Mobility Solution, includes an enhancement to deliver offline mode functionality, enabling Fleet operations staff to perform vehicle asset intake (i.e., inventory load) when no Internet connectivity is available. FMS2Go also supports digital signature capability, which is essential for automated capture and submission of electronic forms.

Inter-Agency Collaborative for Mobile Applications - Perspecta & County of San Diego

The Inter-Agency Collaborative for Mobile Applications is a formal agreement and process that unites public safety agencies in California, maximizing mutual benefit from public sector investment in mobile applications. The County of San Diego (CoSD) implemented a highly-acclaimed mobile application that transforms probationer supervision. CoSD shared the software with the California Department of Corrections (CDCR), who deployed it to 1400 parole agents in under six months at minimal expense. The Inter-Agency Collaborative for Mobile Applications enables all counties to use the application through an Open Source Software (OSS) approach that overcomes challenges inherent to governmental use of OSS. 

Making All Voices Count - USAID

Making All Voices Count is an international initiative that harnesses the power of innovation and new technologies to support effective, accountable governance. Working in 12 countries across Africa and Asia, the program funds new ideas that amplify the voices of citizens, and enable governments to listen and respond. At its core, Making All Voices Count is also a learning program, exploring the role technology can play in securing responsive, accountable government and building an evidence base on what works and what doesn’t. This Grand Challenge for Development is funded by USAID in partnership with UKAid, Swedish Sida and the Omidiyar Network. about seizing this moment to promote transparency, fight corruption, empower citizens, and harness the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable. The aim of Making All Voices Count is not only to bring about change during the lifetime of the program, but also to leave a legacy of learning that helps to ensure that future governance programs that seek to capitalize on the transformative potential of innovation and technology are more informed, inclusive and impactful. How? By making grants to support innovation and technology that has the potential to support better governance. By undertaking research that helps to build a base of evidence about what works and why in using innovation for accountable governance. And by working with policy makers, opinion formers and influencers to ensure that our learning has impact across the sector.

Modern Data Analytics Platform for HRSA Electronic Handbooks - Health Resources and Services Administration(HRSA)

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA’s) Modern Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) provides 1,800+ grants/program officers with self-service tools to support data-informed decision-making and mitigate risks to its $9B grants portfolio. MDAP uses Tableau to analyze and visualize 750-plus data fields obtained from the grants management process including planning, application, review, pre-award, award, and post-award grant phases, and related external sources such as eGrant files,, and HHS’s PMS. The MDAP enables business users to reduce their time-to-insight by 40%, democratizes business intelligence within the Agency (from power users to every user), and empowers users to utilize interactive dashboards/reports to make timely decisions.

Modified Infrastructure Protection Tool (MIST) – Federal Protective Service

MIST is a protective tool suite used by the Federal Protective Service (FPS) to drive security-based risk management recommendations to decision makers at each of the over 9,000 federal facilities protected by FPS. MIST incorporates identified threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences, along with countermeasure status, security asset inventory and a robust data analysis capability to ensure all available information is provided to support facility security decisions

Patent And Trademark ExamiNer Tool (PATENT) - AEEC, LLC

AEEC developed a web application to help U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiners analyze patent and trademark applications for similarities using machine learning. Our innovation compares new images against a constantly expanding database of existing trademarks; and textual analysis identifies key terms in possible related patent and trademark applications to detect less obvious similarities in existing intellectual property that need to be examined for proper application outcomes to be determined. The innovation also has an IoT component using Amazon Echo Alexa voice services, enabling examiners to search and quickly pull information from various sources using spoken questions.

Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Enrollment Wizard - NIC Federal, LLC

PSP supports FMCSA’s goal to improve safety on the nation’s roads by providing trucking and bus companies with electronic access to driver safety data for use during the hiring process. PSP usage has contributed to measurable reductions in crashes and out-of-service rates, improving the efficient, safe delivery of goods nationwide. Increasing participation is critical to maximizing the program’s benefits, and an online enrollment wizard was added to simplify the sign-up process. The enrollment wizard has allowed companies to submit agreements more quickly, and sped up the enrollment process, letting motor carriers begin using the program and experience its benefits sooner.

Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Transport Robot (RSTR) - Roboteam

RSTR was created to provide the current Roboteam throwable ISR platform (Individual Robotic Intelligence System – IRIS) with aerial capabilities, providing the operator with vision of an area from both the ground and aerial perspective. The RSTR can provide transport IRIS to the point of interest for deployment, automatically maintain a holding position, and recover IRIS from the ground. This multipurpose platform significantly increases the operating range of the IRIS platform and provides a single operator with multiple perspectives of the battlefield.

Seeing AI - Microsoft

Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to open up the visual world and describe nearby people, text, currency, color and objects with spoken audio. Much like a Swiss Army knife, this app provides many tools in one by leveraging the power of on-device deep learning to open many “first time in life” scenarios. Key features include - Real time text reading, document structure understanding, audio based barcode locator and product recognizer, face recognition and emotion/age/gender description, currency recognition, color recognition, audible light detector and handwriting reader. Additionally, this app can make other apps accessible and inclusive by describing photos while using other apps.

Smart Military Base - AT&T

AT&T’s Smart Base Framework underpins a “smart base” solution that translates the “smart cities” concept to military bases. The Framework consists of a design, delivery, and managed solution portfolio for everyday base operations. AT&T’s program with Maxwell Air Force Base includes a wireless perimeter system, video surveillance, fleet management and messaging platforms that feed data into AT&T’s Common Operational Portal (COP). COP is an intelligence and visualization platform designed to improve base situational awareness. It supports real-time event monitoring, tracking and response for Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) and intelligent communications and dispatch for base patrols via mobile application.

Edison Platform - U.S. Department of Education

The Department of Education (ED) is responsible for the administration and oversight of an annual educational grants program valued at approximately $47 billion.The Edison Platform is delivered through a collection of modern, cloud-based, business solutions that provide cutting edge capabilities to employees; enhancing their ability to identify, monitor, and manage risks horizontally and vertically across the Department of Education’s grant portfolio. The Edison portal solution was built utilizing user centric design principles, and is architected in a manner that meets the current needs of the Department, while allowing for future scalability.

The Master Data Management Program - NRC

The Master Data Management (MDM) Program began in January of 2015 and in under three years, separated an end of life monolithic system into discreet parts; developed four new systems to replace and improve upon the functionality provided by the monolith; established data standards, data stewards, and data governance processes; and ensured that the eleven systems previously dependent upon the old monolithic system received the necessary data to continue functioning. All projects were completed per the original target date and resulted in significant data usage changes and efficiency gains for the Agency.

Trusted Execution® Technology - Virsec

Cybersecurity for sophisticated application layer attacks including fileless, zero-day, memory based attack vectors. Patented and unique technology that enables threat detection, response, protection, facilitating remediation of breached systems and vulnerability patching of software, and unparalleled degree of forensics.

U.S. Electric System Operating Data Tool - U.S. Energy Information Administration

The EIA’s U.S. Electric System Operating Data tool provides a single view of the U.S. electric grid and helps electricity providers and policymakers better understand and operate our national power system. The tool features nearly real-time demand data—plus analysis and visualizations of hourly, daily, and weekly electricity supply and demand on a national and regional level—for the entire U.S. electric grid.

Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) - NASA

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management addresses a key current gap in safely integrating large-scale small UAS operations in low-altitude airspace (e.g., 500 feet and below). Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) enables multiple unmanned aircraft system operations simultaneously in the same airspace.

USDA Ethics Mobile Application - USDA

Stuart Bender, the Director of USDA's Office of Ethics, working with QuickSeries Publishing (a small business) transformed long-distance Ethics education in the federal government by creating a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, accessible Ethics App. The innovative Ethics App is available on all smart phones, for free, to all Federal employees to help proactively promote ethical compliance and is available to any contractor, consulting firm, or member of public interested in better understanding Federal ethics laws.

Woozy Labs - MetroStar Systems

Woozy Labs is a recall API and mobile application that increases consumer awareness and safety. Defective and dangerous or contaminated products pose a significant safety risk to the public, and are responsible for illnesses, property damage, injuries, and even deaths. Woozy pulls recalls from disparate sources, normalizes the data, enhances it with imagery and tagging, and then pushes a clean feed to consumers via native Android and iOS mobile applications. In addition, Woozy’s custom data visualization dashboards can aid retailers in identifying recalls trends by product and by manufacturer in order to be more informed about the products they are distributing.

Workforce Micro Consulting Marketplace - & Suda Associates, Inc.

Driven by tremendous competition for skilled workers to meet the demands of the knowledge economy (i.e. Agile Developers, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security experts) legacy workforce models are being dissolved and replaced by on-demand talent platforms like Freelancer, Gigster, and UpWork. The public sector, including Government and contractors, are presently six years behind in transitioning to the Gig-Economy due to a highly regulated nature of the industry. solved these issues and launched as the first public sector talent marketplace with unique algorithms that support government missions.