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Identify & Attract Future Talent as a Service Project


This project is an ACT-IAC Executive Committee Focus Area.

Create a plan to establish a Government Shared Service for expedited recruiting/hire/onboard/retain cycle of federal employees, within 45 days or less from recruitment to on-boarding. Document feasibility/best practices for concepts and ideas supporting; centralized hiring, the exchanging of staff between agencies, and between agencies and the private sector (rotations/blended workforce). Leverage the HR analytics work being done by the COI.


Project Lead(s)

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Group Project Deliverables

Deliverable Name Deliveable Type Expected/Actual Deliverable Completion
Phase 1: Concept Summary Document White Paper October 2017
Phase 2: Concept of Operations White Paper October 2018
Project/Activity Status: 
Expected/Actual Project Completion: 
Jul 31, 2018
Participating Groups:

Workforce Management