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Human Capital Analytics: Employee Relocation/Workforce Mobility Impact on Talent Management



The Federal Government’s employee relocation program is part of a broader human capital strategy to hire and retain talent ensuring those employees are in the right place at the right time. Therefore, relocation is one important element in maintaining a skilled workforce. Although agencies track the costs of employee relocations, there is little information that documents an agency’s return on investment in improving workforce talent management. This fact was highlighted in GAO’s recent report entitled, Employee Relocation: VA Strengthened Appraised Value Offer’s Controls, but Can Improve Efforts to Track Effects on Retention and Recruitment

The project purpose is to determine the extent to which workforce mobility entitlements and benefits affect the Government's ability to recruit necessary skill sets, fill crucial talent gaps and develop a productive Federal workforce. This project will:

  • benchmark selected private and public sector companies to evaluate how data is used to track the effects of relocations on recruiting and retention of valuable talent,

  • explore the data sets available to agencies and assess the viability of transferring best practices to the public sector,

  • provide recommendations on how agencies may use data to link workforce mobility to talent recruitment and management, and

  • recommend KPIs for determining the efficiency of different relocation practices and use data analytics to determine causality between certain relocation features and recruitment and retention success

This project also serves as a follow-on to the EWF COI's Human Capital Analytics project completed in April 2017 as it specifically identifies one under-studied area that the Federal government can hone using analytics in support of talent management. 

Persons participating in this project will assist in conducting interviews to examine both private sector and government practices, research and examine relevant data that may be available to agencies, assess the value of incorporating relocation as a key component of HRStat and related human resource analytics, and assist in developing a report with specific recommendations, thereby enhancing the government’s ability to ensure sound, efficient, and effective relocation practices.


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Group Project Deliverables

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ACT-IAC White Paper: Modernizing Employee Mobility White Paper April 2019
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Apr 3, 2019
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