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HR/Talent Analytics Project


The EWF COI project in FY16 was to develop a roadmap for federal agencies establishing or advancing practices in the use of analytics for talent management purposes. Data was gathered through reference materials and interviews with industry leaders who are leading the way in HR and Talent Analytics. The draft roadmap has been completed. The project sponsor has asked that the project team expand the study to identify current state in the government by conducting interviews with agencies. Phase II, prior to release, incorporate current government practices into the roadmap and white paper.

With the advent of Big Data comes the opportunity to mine monumental amounts of data from a wide-variety of sources for hidden insights that can improve and make more efficient many aspects of federal government talent management process. Recruiting has always been an art, but Big Data brings in elements of hard science. It is unbiased and can help in many ways such as discovering talent, improving productivity and retention, and making managers more effective.

Most companies have many sources of HR data (employee demographics, performance ratings, talent mobility data, training completed, age, academic history, etc.). The federal workforce could benefit greatly by leveraging best practices in how leading companies are utilizing Big Data effectively to support a meritocracy and enable smarter recruiting and management decisions.

Expansion of the 2016 HR/Talent Analytics Project, at the request of the sponsor. 

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October 2017
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Dec 31, 2016
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