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GAO Update on Data Center Optimization

In December 2014, FITARA was enacted and included a series of provisions related to improving the performance of data centers, including requiring OMB to establish optimization metrics and agencies to report on progress toward meeting the metrics. OMB’s Federal Chief Information Officer subsequently launched DCOI to build on prior data center consolidation and optimization efforts.

GAO was asked to review data center optimization. GAO’s objectives were to (1) assess agencies’ progress against OMB’s data center optimization targets, (2) identify agencies’ notable optimization successes and challenges, and (3) evaluate the extent to which agencies are able to effectively measure server utilization. To do so, GAO evaluated the 24 DCOI agencies’ progress against OMB’s fiscal year 2018 optimization targets, interviewed officials, and assessed agencies’ efforts to implement monitoring tools for server utilization.

GSA Acquisition Gateway Connects Government Buyers and Industry

The Acquisition Gateway, built by GSA, helps federal government buyers from all agencies act as one acquisition community. Their goal is to help make government acquisition great.

Today, federal acquisition professionals can use the Gateway to:

  • Find historical prices paid for products/services;
  • Seek advice from category experts;
  • Compare governmentwide contract vehicles and solutions (not just GSA’s!);
  • Search a Statement of Work library as reference for similar procurements;
  • View active and closed RFQs/RFPs from FY14 onward for reference on similar procurements; and
  • Connect with other federal government buyers via message boards.

If you are not already, we invite you now to become a... more

GSA Integrated Award Environment Hosts Virtual Industry Outreach Event

Dear Industry Partners and Stakeholders:

 You are invited to participate in the Integrated Award Environment’s next virtual industry outreach event on December 5, 2017 from 1:00PM to 2:00PM EST.  Please register online for this informative and interactive event.

 As you are likely aware, the IAE has implemented a number of significant, important updates and improvements to our systems in the recent past; from launching the new environment ( to revising current systems (CPARS, FPDS, SAM) and beyond, one thing is constant within the IAE – and that’s change.  With that in mind, we’re dedicating our next virtual outreach event to you and your questions only. This is your chance to ask IAE representatives any and all questions you have and to discuss with us clarifications you’re seeking about any of our... more

NASA Releases SEWP Contract Guide 2017-2018

Welcome to the 2017-2018 NASA SEWP V Contract Guide. It contains all the information you need to use SEWP for your next IT product or product based services requirement.

SEWP stands for Solutions for Enterprise-wide Procurement. It's an IT, communications (ICT) and AV products and product based services contract. SEWP is an OMB authorized GWAC — Governmentwide Acquisition Contract and is used by all Federal agencies.

The 143 pre-competed Contract Holders vetted by SEWP provide the entire federal agency community with a way to quickly purchase IT, telecommunications, networking equipment, peripherals and all the services related to products both pre- and post- installation.

There are products ranging from $1 cables to multimillion dollar super computers.  NASA SEWP has a 50 person customer service team dedicated to your success.

With SEWP, your agency doesn't have to worry about how to set up a contract; how to get the products you need and how the... more

GAO Reports Information Security Weaknesses Continue

GAO first designated federal information security as a governmentwide high-risk area 20 years ago. First enacted in 2002, FISMA required federal agencies to develop, document, and implement information security programs and have independent evaluations of those programs and practices. As amended in 2014, FISMA assigns responsibilities to OMB, DHS, and NIST.

FISMA also includes a provision for GAO to periodically report to Congress on agencies’ information security. The objectives of this review are to evaluate (1) the adequacy and effectiveness of agencies’ information security policies and practices and (2) the extent to which agencies with governmentwide responsibilities have implemented their requirements under FISMA. GAO categorized information security-related weaknesses reported by the 24 CFO Act agencies, their IGs, and OMB according to the control areas defined in the Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual; reviewed prior GAO work; examined OMB, DHS, and... more

NASCIO Publishes 2017 State CIO Survey

The role of the state CIO is being transformed by challenges to traditional business models, by emerging technologies that have the potential to redefine what we consider as "IT", and by the drive to implement digital government.  This report summarizes a survey of state CIOs conducted by NASCIO in 2017.

Congress issues FITARA Scorecard 5.0

On November 15, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittees on Information Technology and Government Operations issued their latest scorecard on FITARA implementation by Federal agencies.

American Technology Council reports to the President on Federal IT Modernization

This report was developed by experts selected by the Administrator of General Services  Administration (GSA), the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Secretary of Commerce (Commerce). We set out to accomplish two high-level objectives. First is to create a vision for the future of Federal IT that maximizes secure use of the best commercial technology available, and second is to define a plan to jumpstart the government’s transition to that vision.

GSA Seeks Advice on Contract Language on Cloud, FedRamp and Security

In an effort to help agencies continue to adopt secure cloud technologies, FedRAMP has been identifying ways to create standard contract language that agencies can use in their acquisition process as they procure cloud-based products. FedRAMP, along with the GSA Secure Cloud Portfolio, is requesting industry feedback regarding the acquisition process and how agencies include cloud, FedRAMP, and other security requirements in their contracts. This feedback will allow us to continue to provide improved guidance for government acquisition officials and contracting professionals. To provide your feedback, please access the Request for Information (RFI) and provide comments on GitHub here.

The information gathered in this RFI will help identify examples of preferred contract language agencies should incorporate to convey FedRAMP requirements in their solicitations. These examples will be... more

GAO: Agencies need to Improve Certification of Incremental Development

Investments in federal IT too often result in failed projects that incur cost overruns and schedule slippages. Recognizing the severity of issues related to government-wide IT management, Congress enacted federal IT acquisition reform legislation in December 2014. Among other things, the law states that OMB require in its annual IT capital planning guidance that CIOs certify that IT investments are adequately implementing incremental development.

GAO was asked to review agencies’ use of incremental development. This report addresses the number of investments certified by agency CIOs as implementing adequate incremental development and any reported challenges, and whether agencies’ CIO certification policies and processes were in accordance with FITARA. GAO analyzed data for major IT investments in development, as reported by 24 agencies, and identified their reported challenges and use of certification information. GAO also reviewed the 24 agencies’ policies and processes... more