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DOT Seeks Associate Chief Information Officer for Strategic Portfolio Management

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, is recruiting for the senior executive position of Associate Chief Information Officer for Strategic Portfolio Management, located in Washington, D.C.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Transportation on matters involving information technology (IT). The OCIO oversees the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) annual $3.5 billion IT portfolio. The OCIO focuses on ensuring IT projects and investments...


IAC Executive Committee Election Results Announced

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce the results of the recent election for the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Executive Committee, the top governance body for the industry side of ACT-IAC.

• Margie Graves, former Federal Deputy CIO and now at MHGraves Consulting, has been elected Executive Vice Chair, and will become IAC Chair in July 2021.

• Tim Cooke (ASI Government) has been elected Vice Chair, Finance.

• Jonathan Benett (Adobe) has been elected Vice Chair at Large.

• Ann-Marie...


ACT-IAC Moving to Virtual Conferences and Events for the rest of 2020

After a lot of research and evaluation, we have made the decision to move to virtual events for the rest of the calendar year, to include our major conferences.  We have made this proactive decision, first and foremost, to help preserve the health, safety and well-being of all of you—our members, neighbors and friends.  This move to virtual conferences will help us to continue to provide crucial opportunities for our government and industry members to continue to collaborate on the top issues facing government today, while also expanding the opportunity to participate in events by...


2020 IAC Executive Committee Candidates Announced

Congratulations to the 2020 IAC Executive Committee Candidates.  We were extremely fortunate this year to have such a large number of highly qualified individuals express an interest in serving on the IAC Executive Committee.  After extensive deliberations, the Nominating Committee has unanimously agreed on an outstanding slate of candidates that has been unanimously endorsed by the IAC Executive Committee.  All of the candidates have great experience as well as proven track records of commitment to and participation in ACT-IAC activities,  and will stand for election in...


Acquisition Systems Extensions Due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, two key acquisition system extensions have been granted to enable greater flexibility for both vendors and contracting officers.

In SAM, current registrants with active registrations expiring before May 16, 2020 will be afforded a one-time extension of 60 days.

In eSRS, for contracts with individual subcontracting plans, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has extended the due date for submission of the Individual Subcontracting Report (ISR) required under FAR clause 52.219-9...


ACT-IAC Office Closed for two weeks

ACT-IAC Office Closed for two weeks.  Dear Members of the ACT-IAC family, as we as nation continue to grapple with ways to slow the rate of transmission for novel coronavirus (COVID 19), we have decided to follow the plans of most local school systems and commence mandatory telework for ACT-IAC employees for a 2 week period, from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th.  During this time, the ACT-IAC offices will be closed, but the ACT-IAC professional staff will all be on-line and connected; available to answer your calls/emails and continue...


ACT-IAC Publishes Shared Services Paper

The ACT-IAC Shared Services Working Group produced a paper entitled “Technology Transfer: How a Mission-Focused Shared Service Can Contribute to US Economic Growth” which examines the existing tools, applications, systems, and organizations that comprise the shared services landscape in technology transfer and evaluates the potential for enhancing or developing a new shared service for this vital contributor to the US economy and national security. 


ACT-IAC Publishes Artificial Intelligence Playbook

ACT-IAC published an Artificial Intelligence Playbook. This Playbook immediately follows the ACT-IAC Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Primer and proposes a process and a series of phases to support the United States Federal Government in its understanding and application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to support its mission. Each phase contains a set of key activities organized in functional areas that go...


Ted Davies Appointed Executive Vice Chair for the Industry Advisory Council

As announced last month, Tony Scott tendered his resignation as Executive Vice Chair for the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), effective September 9, 2019, to accommodate his need to spend more time in California to support his family and other commitments. We would like to thank Tony once again for his service in support of ACT-IAC and look forward to continuing to engage Tony as his schedule permits.

In accordance with the IAC Bylaws, Article V: Officers and Duties, Section 5, “In the event of a vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or...


ACT-IAC Invites Members to Join New Health Community of Interest

Since launching the “health” mission over a year ago, ACT-IAC saw increased member interest and engagement in this topic through multiple programs, forums, webinars, a special health government-sponsored project, and over 30 health-related submissions to this year’s Igniting Innovation.  In July 2019, both ACT and IAC Executive Committees voted to establish a Health Community of Interest (COI).

ACT-IAC members from government and industry with an interest in health are invited to participate in the Health COI.  To learn more about the new COI and to join, visit...


Congratulations to New Communities of Interest (COI) Leaders

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce the new leaders for the Communities of Interest (COIs). There were 16 positions across 6 COIs that were available for reelection and/or vacant.  The following members will serve in their COI leadership roles for the term July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. Thank you to all the candidates for their readiness to serve in ACT-IAC.




ACT-IAC Publishes Update to the IT Management Maturity Model

ACT-IAC published a white paper entitled "IT Management Maturity Model Overview: In support of the implementation of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) Version 2.0" developed by the IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest. The paper and web resources are available online.

To support the implementation of FITARA, the paper updated the ACT-IAC IT Management Maturity Model to help agencies assess their maturity in six critical functions of IT management.  Since the...


Forbes article highlights Zero Trust Architecture

Forbes article on "Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture" by Darren Death, Vice President of Information Security - Chief Information Security Officer for ASRC Federal and ACT-IAC Cybersecurity Community of Interest (COI) Program Chair and member of ACT-IAC Working Group for Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report.

Read the Forbes Article,

Download the ACT-IAC Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report, ...