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2018 Igniting Innovation Awards Invite Nominations

Igniting Innovation is the ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation's premier annual event to identify, recognize, and promote the best innovations in government to improve services to citizens and government operations. Igniting Innovation is designed to showcase the best solutions to important problems and help spread them to other federal, state and local government organizations and industry.

Nominations are due by December 31, 2017. Click here to submit a nomination. 

ACT-IAC White Paper: Drones in the Federal Airspace and the Internet of Things

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is increasing exponentially. Apart from leisure activities, drones are transforming the ways in which businesses and government carry out their missions. Drones are transforming everything from agriculture and emergency management to national security and the delivery of goods and services. Drones take on an entirely new dimension as nodes in the emerging Internet of Things infrastructure. As replacements for stationary sensors drones expand the user’s ability to collect information. Society is at the very beginning of understanding how drones will factor into tomorrow’s technological infrastructure and how they will push the boundaries of what is possible.

Register to attend GSA’s Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Summit

Join GSA for their DCOI Technology Resource Summit hosted by The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) PMO at GSA in partnership with the Advance Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC).

This event offers a unique networking and learning opportunity for government IT, procurement and data center professionals who are supporting the DCOI and IT modernization efforts at their agencies.

The goal of this Summit is to impart the latest industry information to the right people and help move the Federal Government in the right direction for data center optimization, closure and cloud adoption.  In addition, there will be services and product demos from industry vendors.

ACT-IAC White Paper: Enabling Blockchain Innovation in the U.S. Federal Government

This Primer is intended to be a foundational tool in the understanding of blockchain and its use cases within the United States federal government.  To that end, it should help allay the concerns that some may have about this new technology by providing an introduction to blockchain and its related technologies, and how blockchain can be safely and securely applied to the right government use cases.

Blockchain has the potential to help government to reduce fraud, errors and the cost of paper-intensive processes, while enabling collaboration across multiple divisions and agencies to provide more efficient and effective services to citizens.  Moreover, the adoption of blockchain may also allow governmental agencies to provide new value-added services to businesses and others which can generate new sources of revenue for these agencies.

ACT-IAC White Paper: Talent as a Service

The federal government has an opportunity to revolutionize the way it identifies, recruits, and onboards potential employees for federal employment. This report identifies and promotes concepts around pro-active sourcing, talent pools, communities of interest, process, policy, and infrastructure - all integrated and designed with the goal of improving the federal hiring process, reducing vacancies, developing mission critical skills, and improving the candidate experience.