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ACT-IAC Publishes Intelligent Automation Primer

ACT-IAC published the "Intelligent Automation Primer: An overview of the journey to intelligent automation" developed by government and industry volunteers of the Intelligent Automation Working Group under the Emerging Technology Community of Interest. The goal of the paper is to help the Federal government understand how they can adopt various automation technologies to make their businesses more effective. The term intelligent automation marries artificial intelligence—including natural language processing, machine learning, and machine vision—with automation to replicate and/or imitate human actions and reasoning to perform tasks. 

ACT-IAC Seeks Applicants for Position of ACT-IAC CEO

ACT-IAC is seeking applications for the position of ACT-IAC CEO.  This individual will replace the current ACT-IAC Executive Director who has decided to pursue other opportunities after 14 years.  This document describes the position, outlines the responsibilities of the CEO, and identifies the qualifications.  The document also provides information on how to submit applications.

ACT-IAC Publishes TBM White Paper CXO Value Conversations

The adoption of Technology Business Management (TBM) is a major initiative within the President’s Management Agenda (PMA). You may be wondering, “What roles do different agency stakeholders play in achieving successful TBM adoption?”, “How can TBM improve IT financial transparency for the CXOs and stakeholders across the government?” and “What value does TBM bring to my agency?” The ACT-IAC IT Management and Modernization Community (ITMM) of Interest (COI) discussed these questions with leaders in several federal agencies, industry, and academic researchers.  This document contains the results of these conversations.

If you are unable to download this report, contact Nancy Delanoche, Director for Communities of Interest.

ACT-IAC publishes white paper on Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service: "Reimagining how the federal government sources, recruits, and onboards talent" Part 2/2 (Concept of Operations)

ACT-IAC, through the Evolving the Workforce Community of Interest, published a white paper entitled "Talent as a Service: Reimagining how the federal government sources, recruits, and onboards talent (Concept of Operations)."  This Concept of Operations (ConOps) is a second document of the ACT-IAC Talent as a Service project and provides greater levels of detail for how the federal government can implement a systematic approach to identify, recruit, and onboard potential employees. This report delves further into concepts around pro-active sourcing, talent pools, workforce planning, process, policy, resources, and infrastructure. All integrated and designed with the goal of immediately improving the federal hiring process, reducing vacancies, expediting clearances, identifying mission critical skills, and improving the candidate experience.

Read the Talent as a Service Executive Report (Part 1/2) here.

ACT-IAC publishes two papers to assist agencies and industry in EIS transition

ACT-IAC through the Network and Telecommunications Community of Interest (COI) published two white papers related to EIS transition efforts. The High Quality Proposal Timeline paper provides recommendations for both industry and government to to improve the overall quality of proposals. The Alternatives to Full Service Option paper describes the scope of services offered through GSA's full service model and provides agencies with alternative solutions for these functions.

High Quality Proposal Timeline paper
Alternatives to Full Service Option paper

If you have questions about these papers, contact Nancy Delanoche, Director for Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest (COI) Leadership Elections Results

ACT-IAC Community of Interest Election Results

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce the new leaders for the Communities of Interest (COIs). There were 12 positions across 7 COIs that were available for reelection and/or vacant.  The new COI leaders will fulfill their roles for the term July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.  ACT-IAC thanks all the candidates for their readiness to serve. Thank you to all the candidates for their readiness to serve in the COIs.






Government Chair

+Jaime Gracia

Department of Homeland Security

Industry Vice-Chair

Juli Dixon

Booz Allen Hamilton

Customer Experience

Government Vice-Chair

+David Ellison

Social Security Administration


Industry Chair

*+Ken Adams


Government Vice-Chair

Jonathan Trimble

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Industry Vice-Chair

*Matt Sexton

Booz Allen Hamilton

Evolving the Workforce

Industry Vice-Chair

+Andrew McCoy

LearningTree International

IT Management
and Modernization

Industry Chair

*+Stu Hammer


Industry Vice-Chair

*Vera Ashworth

CGI Federal

Networks and

Industry Chair

*+Tom Cuneo

Vision Technologies, Inc

Industry Vice-Chair

*+Dee Delaney


Shared Services

Government Vice-Chair

+H. Lionel Cares, Jr.


Names with * are incumbent leaders. Names with + were unopposed