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Participation at DHS Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Bootcamp for Industry

The Department of Homeland Security has invited ACT-IAC to their upcoming Fiscal Year 2019 Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Boot Camps for Industry.  You can read more about last year’s successful PIL Boot Camps for Industry from CPO Correa here.

During this highly interactive one-day workshop, PIL staff will share the tools, techniques, and mindset that DHS is cultivating across our acquisition workforce to innovate in their procurement processes, promote managed risk taking, and better support mission outcomes. Additionally, the workshop will provide the industry community with an opportunity to share new ideas so that DHS can continue to learn forward and lean into innovation. 

The two upcoming PIL Boot Camps for Industry will take place in-person at the Homeland Security Acquisition Institute (HSAI) located at 90 K Street, NE in Washington, DC on each of the following days:

  • August 1, 2019 (Thursday), 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • August 2, 2019 (Friday), 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Due to space constraints, we are limited to 15 total registrations across both workshops.   ACT-IAC will consider diversity of business size, industry, geography, etc. when selecting participants.

Deadline to apply is July 12, 2019. If you are interested in participating, send an email to Nancy Delanoche, ACT-IAC Director of COIs.   

Volunteer Opportunity: ACT-IAC Cloud ATO Working Group

Call for Volunteers
ACT-IAC Cloud ATO Work Group

Volunteer Opportunity
ACT-IAC is seeking government and industry subject matter experts to participate in a work group to exchange information on cloud security authorizations to operate (ATO) including but not limited to the FedRAMP program. 

ACT-IAC provides an objective and vendor-neutral forum that has played a unique and critical role in helping government understand how to leverage and secure new technologies.

GSA’s Technology Transformation Services (TTS) helps agencies build, buy, and securely share technology that allows them to better serve the public. The FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) resides within TTS and provides a standardized approach to security and risk assessment to enable the adoption of secure cloud services. 

ACT-IAC is establishing this work group, in affiliation with the Cybersecurity Community of Interest, to exchange information and provide TTS and its FedRAMP Program the opportunity to directly inform industry’s approach to security and cloud authorizations.

As technology evolves and advances, the traditional “authorization to operate” (ATO) model is becoming an increasing constraint on delivering better solutions to the public. ACT-IAC and TTS, informed by its FedRAMP expertise, is creating a work group to exchange information about the current state of authorizations and provide individualized experiences and insights about potential future paths for security including the ATO process.

The Cloud ATO Work Group will meet periodically (bimonthly to quarterly) to:

  • Exchange information on innovations and best practices in the field of cloud security authorizations;
  • Leverage insights from individual participants to inform the group as a whole with a particular focus on sharing facts and data; and 
  • Identify ways to streamline adherence to federal security standards.


Volunteer Expectations
Persons participating in this work group will exchange information, share emerging guidance and best practices, and provide input on innovations related to cloud security authorizations.  Volunteers must:

  • Be members of ACT-IAC.
  • Follow the ACT-IAC Code of Conduct for Projects.
  • Have expertise and experience in cloud security authorizations including but not limited to the FedRAMP program.
  • Be able to participate and contribute to regular meetings and/or conference calls.


This Call for Volunteers will close end of business June 28, 2019.

To volunteer for this project, complete this online form. (you must log-on to your ACT-IAC account to access the form.)

If you have questions about this project or volunteering, send an email to Nancy Delanoche, ACT-IAC Director, Communities of Interest. 



ACT-IAC Announces Election Results for Its Industry Advisory Council Executive Committee

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce:

Tony Scott (RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners) has been elected IAC Executive Vice Chair and will become IAC Executive Chair in 2020.

The following individuals have been elected to the IAC Executive Committee as Vice Chairs at Large:

  • Allen Ashbey (Unisys Federal Systems)
  • Ivette Granier-Smith (ASRC Federal)
  • Kavita Kalatur (NetImpact Strategies)
  • Stephanie Mango (CGI Federal)
  • Darryl Peek II (Salesforce)
  • Cheryl Waldrup (General Dynamics Information Technology)

Congratulations to New Communities of Interest (COI) Leaders

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce the new leaders for the Communities of Interest (COIs). There were 16 positions across 6 COIs that were available for reelection and/or vacant.  The following members will serve in their COI leadership roles for the term July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. Thank you to all the candidates for their readiness to serve in ACT-IAC.



First Name

Last Name



Gov Vice-Chair

Florence ♦


US Digital Service 


Industry Chair

Zac ♦




Gov Chair



Social Security Administration


Gov Vice Chair

John ♦


Dept of Justice


Industry Vice Chair



Kastling, Inc


Government Chair



Millenium Challenge Corporation


Industry Chair



Macro Solutions


Industry Vice Chair


de Vaulx

Prometheus Consulting


Gov Vice Chair

David ♦




Industry Chair

Andrew ♦


Learning Tree International


Government Chair

Terri** ♦




Government Vice Chair

Christina ♦

Gonzales Vay

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)


Government Chair

Daniel** ♦




Government Vice-Chair

Melvin** ♦


Small Business Administration


Government Chair





Government Vice-Chair




Names in ** are incumbent in their position. Names in ♦ are unopposed candidates.

ACT-IAC Publishes Update to the IT Management Maturity Model

ACT-IAC published a white paper entitled "IT Management Maturity Model Overview: In support of the implementation of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) Version 2.0" developed by the IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest. The paper and web resources are available online.

To support the implementation of FITARA, the paper updated the ACT-IAC IT Management Maturity Model to help agencies assess their maturity in six critical functions of IT management.  Since the initial development and implementation of this model in September 2015, additional federal government-wide initiatives, policies, and legislation were issued that tie directly into the tenets of FITARA and IT management. Additionally, agencies provided feedback based on direct experience implementing the model that was included in this update.

The key updates to the model include adding a cybersecurity function, adding Technology Business Management (TBM) attributes, strengthening the emphasis on modernization and incremental development throughout the model, building a stronger focus on software license management, ensuring connections between IT strategic planning and IT budget planning, and including IT workforce re-training to meet IT priorities.


Forbes article highlights Zero Trust Architecture

Forbes article on "Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture" by Darren Death, Vice President of Information Security - Chief Information Security Officer for ASRC Federal and ACT-IAC Cybersecurity Community of Interest (COI) Program Chair and member of ACT-IAC Working Group for Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report.

Read the Forbes Article,

Download the ACT-IAC Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report,


2019 IAC Executive Committee Slate Announced

In accordance with the IAC bylaws, an election will be held to select individuals to fill the following vacancies on the IAC Executive Committee: Executive Vice Chair (1 position) and Vice Chair at Large (6 positions). All of those elected will assume office on July 1, 2019. The Vice Chairs at Large will serve two year terms and the Executive Vice Chair will become the IAC Chair on July 1, 2020. Each IAC member company in good standing at the time of the election will be entitled to vote in this election. The IAC member Point of Contact will cast the vote for the company.


As required by the IAC bylaws, a Nominating Committee was appointed to identify qualified candidates for the IAC Executive Committee and a call for nominees was sent to the entire IAC membership. The Nominating Committee reviewed each candidate’s qualifications in the context of IAC’s goals, objectives and programs, as well as the roles and responsibilities of Executive Committee members. The Nominating Committee’s recommended slate was provided to the membership and an opportunity was provided for other individuals to get on the ballot through petition. Below is the final slate of candidates for election.

Executive Vice Chair (1 position)

  • Tony Scott, Managing Partner, Technology, RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners

Vice Chair at Large (6 positions - top 6 vote getters will be elected)

  • Zain Ahmed, Vice President, Civilian & Law Enforcement, CenturyLink*
  • Allen Ashbey, Vice President, Unisys Federal Systems
  • Tim Cooke, President and CEO, ASI Government
  • Greg Giddens, Partner, Potomac Ridge Consulting
  • Ivette Granier-Smith, Vice President, ASRC Federal*
  • Rick Holgate, Senior Executive Partner, Gartner*
  • Kavita Kalatur, President, NetImpact Strategies
  • Stephanie Mango, Senior Vice President, CGI Federal
  • Jeff Mohan, Senior Manager, Noblis
  • Darryl Peek II, Senior Manager, Salesforce
  • Cheryl Waldrup, Vice President for Federal Capture, General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Tim Young, Principal, Deloitte Consulting*

(* - indicates an incumbent currently on the Executive Committee)

Information on each of the above candidates is available on the ACT-IAC web site at:

Each candidate will be provided time at the May 22nd ACT-IAC membership meeting to make a brief statement regarding his/her candidacy. You may register for the membership meeting here. Voting will begin immediately after the membership meeting with an email to each IAC company’s official point of contact. Each IAC member company in good standing may complete a ballot – and only the company’s official Point of Contact may vote. Voting will conclude at 5:00 pm on May 31st and the winners will take office on July 1, 2019.

ACT-IAC Publishes Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report

The Federal CIO Council Services, Strategy, and Infrastructure Committee asked ACT-IAC to evaluate the technical maturity, availability for procurement, and important issues related to potential federal agency adoption of zero trust networking (ZTN) and software defined networking (SDN). Those technologies could radically transform and improve cybersecurity and data protection and sharing. And, the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract could provide the means for agencies to acquire those capabilities. The project began with market research, presentations and demonstrations, and evaluation of the underlying trust algorithms. The report was completed on April 18, 2019.

ACT-IAC Announces New CEO

We are pleased to announce that the IAC Executive Committee has selected Mr. David M. Wennergren to be the new ACT-IAC Chief Executive Officer. He will start his tenure as CEO May 13th, 2019.

ACT-IAC Publishes Paper on Modernizing Employee Mobility

ACT-IAC published a paper entitled "Modernizing Employee Mobility" developed by the ACT-IAC Evolving the Workforce Community of Interest.

The paper, subtitled Human Capital Analytics: Employee Relocation/Workforce Mobility Impact on Talent Management, analyzed private sector and Federal government relocation practices and presents a Workforce Mobility Analytics Maturity Model, designed for both public and private sector organizations, to examine their current level of maturity and develop a path forward including recommended steps and assessment tools. The paper also offers recommendations to governing agencies including GSA, OPM, and OMB, and to government interagency groups to discuss and incorporate relevant actions.

For non-members who would like a copy of this paper, contact Nancy Delanoche, Director for Communities of Interest.