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ACT-IAC Publishes Data Driven Decision Making Report

ACT-IAC undertook the “Data-Driven Decision-Making Project” to help agencies meet new requirements to manage and use data to make decisions. The project report includes a data management maturity model, a self-assessment tool, and key lessons and practices agencies can use to help organize and accelerate their efforts.

ACT-IAC Seeking Blockchain Proof of Concept Using Data as a Strategic Asset

Blockchain has the potential to help government provide more efficient and effective services to citizens and provide new value-added services. And harnessing that potential includes showing that the technology can be safely and securely applied to government.

That’s why ACT-IAC is seeking innovative applications of blockchain (and other distributed ledger technology) using data as a strategic asset in government.  Finalists will be invited to demonstrate their innovations at the ACT-IAC Blockchain Shark Tank event November 19 at the NASA Auditorium (in Washington DC.)

  • Any ACT-IAC member can submit a blockchain innovation that improves the business of government or services to citizens.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by leaders of the ACT-IAC Blockchain Working Group to select the finalists. The points of contact in the submission form will be notified if they are selected.
  • The selected finalist must commit to participate in the ACT-IAC Blockchain Shark Tank on November 19. More information here.

We are looking for:

  • Innovative blockchain proof of concept using data as a strategic asset.
  • Innovation that can be adapted, repurposed, or used by others beyond the initial target audience.
  • Innovation that improves the business of government or services to citizens.
  • Innovation that transforms existing capabilities or create new or disruptive capabilities.

Submissions are due by October 25, 2019


For questions about the submission and event, contact Frederic DeVaulx or Sudha Venkateswaran

IAC Bylaws Working Group Seeks Input

ACT-IAC has had a very successful 40-year history of supporting government through our unique structure of government and industry collaboration.   But we need to continue to evaluate how we can improve the organization, making sure we maintain all of the important elements of IAC that have contributed to our long history of success while preparing us to even better meet the needs of our member companies and government teammates as we prepare for the rapidly changing federal technology marketplace of the future.  One of the areas that we want to evaluate is the way in which we govern ourselves, which is codified in the IAC Bylaws.

Paul Strasser, our current IAC Chair, has appointed our immediate past chair, Richard Spires, to lead a working group to review and recommend revisions to the IAC Bylaws.  Richard will be joined on the working group by former past IAC chairs, Mitzi Mead, Ellen Glover, Venkatapathi (PV) Puvvada and Ted Davies, along with current NexUS industry chair, Emily Black and ACT-IAC CEO, Dave Wennergren.  The goal of this working group is to provide recommendations to the IAC Executive Committee on any bylaws revisions that will improve our operations, prepare us for the future and recognize recent organizational changes, to include the establishment of a CEO position.

We would like to hear from you, and if you have any proposed revisions to the bylaws or other comments and questions, please plan to join us for one of our three listening sessions, hosted by our CEO, Dave Wennergren.  Each listening session will be available by conference call or you can join us in person in the main conference room of the ACT-IAC offices, 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 500, Fairfax, VA.  The conference phone number is:  +1.202.602.1295 and the access code will be: 344-514-470# .  We have picked different days of the week and different times of day for these listening sessions to maximize your opportunity to participate:

  • IAC Bylaws Listening Session 1:  Monday, September 30th, 12:00-2:00pm
  • IAC Bylaws Listening Session 2:  Friday, October 4th, 8:30-10:30am
  • IAC Bylaws Listening Session 3:  Tuesday, October 8th, 4:00-6:00pm

We hope you’ll be able to join us for one of these sessions, however, if you are unable to join any of these calls, but still have some thoughts you’d like to share, you can email Dave at  The bylaws can be found online at .

The working group plans to develop any proposed bylaw revisions later this Fall, and for those revisions endorsed by the IAC Executive Committee, an on-line vote of the IAC membership will be conducted to approve the changes.  Thank you for your continued support of this great organization.

ACT-IAC Invites Members to Join New Health Community of Interest

Since launching the “health” mission over a year ago, ACT-IAC saw increased member interest and engagement in this topic through multiple programs, forums, webinars, a special health government-sponsored project, and over 30 health-related submissions to this year’s Igniting Innovation.  In July 2019, both ACT and IAC Executive Committees voted to establish a Health Community of Interest (COI).

ACT-IAC members from government and industry with an interest in health are invited to participate in the Health COI.  To learn more about the new COI and to join, visit

Participation at DHS Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Bootcamp for Industry


The Department of Homeland Security has invited ACT-IAC to their upcoming Fiscal Year 2019 Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Boot Camps for Industry.  You can read more about last year’s successful PIL Boot Camps for Industry from CPO Correa here.

During this highly interactive one-day workshop, PIL staff will share the tools, techniques, and mindset that DHS is cultivating across our acquisition workforce to innovate in their procurement processes, promote managed risk taking, and better support mission outcomes. Additionally, the workshop will provide the industry community with an opportunity to share new ideas so that DHS can continue to learn forward and lean into innovation. 

The two upcoming PIL Boot Camps for Industry will take place in-person at the Homeland Security Acquisition Institute (HSAI) located at 90 K Street, NE in Washington, DC on each of the following days:

  • August 1, 2019 (Thursday), 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • August 2, 2019 (Friday), 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Due to space constraints, we are limited to 15 total registrations across both workshops.   ACT-IAC will consider diversity of business size, industry, geography, etc. when selecting participants.

 Please note that all the spots are filled at this time. If you have questions about this announcement, send an email to Nancy Delanoche, ACT-IAC Director of COIs.  

Congratulations to New Communities of Interest (COI) Leaders

ACT-IAC is pleased to announce the new leaders for the Communities of Interest (COIs). There were 16 positions across 6 COIs that were available for reelection and/or vacant.  The following members will serve in their COI leadership roles for the term July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. Thank you to all the candidates for their readiness to serve in ACT-IAC.



First Name

Last Name



Gov Vice-Chair

Florence ♦


US Digital Service 


Industry Chair

Zac ♦




Gov Chair



Social Security Administration


Gov Vice Chair

John ♦


Dept of Justice


Industry Vice Chair



Kastling, Inc


Government Chair



Millenium Challenge Corporation


Industry Chair



Macro Solutions


Industry Vice Chair


de Vaulx

Prometheus Consulting


Gov Vice Chair

David ♦




Industry Chair

Andrew ♦


Learning Tree International


Government Chair

Terri** ♦




Government Vice Chair

Christina ♦

Gonzales Vay

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)


Government Chair

Daniel** ♦




Government Vice-Chair

Melvin** ♦


Small Business Administration


Government Chair





Government Vice-Chair




Names in ** are incumbent in their position. Names in ♦ are unopposed candidates.

ACT-IAC Publishes Update to the IT Management Maturity Model

ACT-IAC published a white paper entitled "IT Management Maturity Model Overview: In support of the implementation of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) Version 2.0" developed by the IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest. The paper and web resources are available online.

To support the implementation of FITARA, the paper updated the ACT-IAC IT Management Maturity Model to help agencies assess their maturity in six critical functions of IT management.  Since the initial development and implementation of this model in September 2015, additional federal government-wide initiatives, policies, and legislation were issued that tie directly into the tenets of FITARA and IT management. Additionally, agencies provided feedback based on direct experience implementing the model that was included in this update.

The key updates to the model include adding a cybersecurity function, adding Technology Business Management (TBM) attributes, strengthening the emphasis on modernization and incremental development throughout the model, building a stronger focus on software license management, ensuring connections between IT strategic planning and IT budget planning, and including IT workforce re-training to meet IT priorities.


Forbes article highlights Zero Trust Architecture

Forbes article on "Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture" by Darren Death, Vice President of Information Security - Chief Information Security Officer for ASRC Federal and ACT-IAC Cybersecurity Community of Interest (COI) Program Chair and member of ACT-IAC Working Group for Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report.

Read the Forbes Article,

Download the ACT-IAC Zero Trust Cybersecurity Report,