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HCD as a Strategy: The Cornerstone for Modernization

HCD as a Strategy: The Cornerstone for Modernization

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm
Themes Theatre
Mission Modernization

Human Centered Design is a term that often gets categorized as a specialized term for UX design. However, the practice of HCD has a much larger implication for solving complex problems, especially in modernization. In this panel we explore, the question, "How do we design new products, programs, and policies to enable people?" Setting a vision of modernization that places the success of human at the center is differentiator between lasting, impactful change and failure to launch. Our unique panel will gather to discuss their experiences in utilizing HCD as a strategy towards successful modernization. This will be a PowerPoint guided group discussion, with plenty of audience participation.

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the parallels, structures, and intersections between all these acronyms?: HCD, CX, UX, UI, and DX? 
  • What can modernizers do to apply human-centered design as a strategy for technical investments and successful mission modernization? 
  • What are the stories of the way human centered design led to better outcomes for modernization?

Amira Boland – Lead, Customer Experience and GEAR Center, Office of Management and Budget

Jacob Parcell – Innovation Portfolio Director, Technology Transformation Service, GSA

Charlotte S. Lee – Chief Executive Officer, Kastling Group

Barbara C. Morton – Deputy Chief Veterans Experience Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs

Bill Hunt – Chief Enterprise Architect, Small Business Administration

Dominic Sale – Assistant Commissioner of Solutions, Technology Transformation Service,