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A Guide to Building Organizational Resilience eBook



This eBook serves as a guide for public sector organizations that are looking to build a long-term plan for organizational resiliency and business continuity despite unplanned emergencies. While disruptive events are challenging for any organization, sudden and large-scale incidents such as natural disasters, IT outages, pandemics, and cyber-attacks can expose gaps in technology, culture, and organizational resiliency. Even smaller, unexpected events such as water damage to a critical facility or electrical outages can negatively impact your organization if there is no long-term resiliency plan in place. These events can have significant consequences for your employees, stakeholders, and mission. It can result in a loss of finances, productivity, and trust with citizens and customers, creating lasting reputational damage.

Document Date: 
Oct 29, 2020
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Sponsor Paper
Executive Leadership Conf.