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GSA NS2020 Project (Completed)


Serve as a liaison between GSA, Government and Industry to drive collaborative conversations around NS2020 timelines, vehicle requirements and transition. The focus of projects/meetings will be on issues that are not procurement related. 

The COI will create responses to GSA inquiries, develop and deliver white papers, support meetings and industry days. 

GSA’s Network Services 2020 initiative is one example of how the Networks & Telecommunications Community of Interest members engage, learn and lead collaboration on federal telecommunications issues. This initiative looks at the future of the government’s telecommunications systems and strategies and will have an immeasurable impact on how federal agencies procure and manage their telecommunications requirements well into the next decade and beyond. Recent recommendations addressed international implications of Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) and the RFI for Management and Operations Plan (MOPS). According to GSA, nine of the 12 ACT-IAC recommendations have been implemented. 

Premise - provide input to GSA FAS/ITS for their Network Services 2020 (NS2020)  program.  The collective comments, feedback and recommendations from Government agencies, industry and other stakeholders were to contribute to GSA’s strategy & approach for the program.

Issues included technical, scope, support, management information, innovation, business issues, and transition.

Working Group formed Spring of 2013

  • Sub-committees formed:  Transition, Business Growth, Business Operations, Technology
  • Each group had a government and industry co-chair
  • WG membership included companies throughout the industry and several civilian agencies.

The Transition Committee has formed three working sub-committees listed below: 

Task Order RFP Transparency Recommendations

Contractual Transition Recommendations

Transition Playbook Recommendations


Project Lead(s)

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Group Project Deliverables

Deliverable Name Deliveable Type Expected/Actual Deliverable Completion
NS2020 Part 1 EIS Transition Recommendations White Paper June 2016
Project/Activity Status: 
Expected/Actual Project Completion: 
Sep 30, 2019