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ZeroTrust Cyber, Phase 2


In May 2018, the Federal CIO Council Services, Strategy, and Infrastructure Committee asked ACT-IAC to evaluate the technical maturity, availability for procurement, and important issues related to potential federal agency adoption of zero trust networking (ZTN) and software defined networking (SDN). Those technologies could radically transform and improve cybersecurity and data protection and sharing. Phase 1 of the project began with market research, presentations and demonstrations, and evaluation of the underlying trust algorithms. The report entitled “Zero Trust Cybersecurity Current Trends” was completed on April 18, 2019.

The project purpose is to determine the impact Zero Trust initiatives have currently on federal agencies and help federal agencies start planning for future engagements. This project will:

  • Study and evaluate previous and ongoing Zero Trust initiatives.
  • Interview and consult vendors providing Zero Trust components.
  • Develop and record federal agency Zero Trust use cases, expectations, and lessons learned.
  • Develop a map of how Zero Trust components impact current and evolving compliance and modernization efforts (for example NIST 800-53 and TiC 3.0)

Project Lead(s)

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Group Project Deliverables

Deliverable Name Deliveable Type Expected/Actual Deliverable Completion
Zero Trust Cyber playbook based on modernization efforts occurring within agencies White Paper December 2020
Project/Activity Status: 
In Progress
Expected/Actual Project Completion: 
Feb 27, 2020