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Call for Volunteers
Evolving the Workforce (EWF) Community of Interest (COI)
“Align Digital 21st Century Workforce to Match IT Modernization Efforts”

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Volunteer Opportunity
The ACT-IAC Evolving the Workforce COI seeks government and industry volunteers to participate in this high impact research project to support CAP goal #1 and #3 of the President’s Management Agenda.

Project Background
The President’s Management Agenda lays out a “long-term vision for modernizing the Federal Government in key areas that will improve the ability of agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service, and effectively steward taxpayer dollars on behalf of the American people.” This project is going to support the PMA, specifically Cross-Agency Priority Goal #1: IT Modernization and CAP Goal #3: Developing a Workforce for the 21st Century.

The project purpose is to determine the impact of IT modernization efforts on the current federal workforce and help both federal agencies and individuals plan for the future workforce. This project will:

  • Anticipate required IT competencies and skills to attain modernized IT functions
  • Improve federal workforce efficiency and morale by outlining career paths and career opportunities
  • Provide tools for managing workforce requirements that support IT modernization


This project will work and interact with multiple Communities of Interest within ACT-IAC (IT Management and Modernization, Emerging Technologies, Acquisition, etc.) and welcome any volunteers from any professional background.

Volunteer Expectations
Persons participating in this project will assist in examining studies and reports that have been developed; Interviewing Key Government, Industry, Academia persons; build on both private sector and government best practices, research and examine relevant data that may be available to agencies; and assist in developing a report with specific recommendations, thereby enhancing the government’s ability to ensure a Workforce prepared for the 21st Century.


This Call for Volunteers will close end of business January 31, 2019.

To volunteer, submit your name, title, company and brief summary of your expertise by clicking here, or send an email to Nancy Delanoche, ACT-IAC Director, Communities of Interest, at