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Materials for June 2020 EWF COI meeting

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Fair and Effective Hiring – Are Different Outcomes Possible?
June 11, 2020

The Federal hiring process may cause frustration on many levels. Agencies  often seek alternative hiring flexibilities rather than use available assessment tools to determine the best qualified.  Talented, skilled candidates who want to serve the public may never be considered, leading to critical shortages of Federal talent.  The result is often to call for civil service reform but what if assumptions about what is legal within the federal HR community are wrong? This presentation lifted the hood on several of those assumptions to show how doing things differently are not only allowed but can result in drastically improved outcomes- all within current law.

Stephanie Grosser, Bureaucracy Hacker, U.S. Digital Service
Kim Holden, Deputy Associate Director, Talent Acquisition & Workforce Shaping, Office of Personnel Management

Document Date: 
Jun 11, 2020
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC Evolving the Workforce COI
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Workforce Management