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Accelerating Virtual Government Capabilities



In response to the COVID-19 public health pandemic, significant changes in how government agencies are operating in a “virtual government environment” are being put in place - effectively overnight.  The ACT-IAC IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest launched this project to research and develop key deliverables that outline how to “accelerate virtual government capabilities” producing lessons learned, best practices, and future plans – across multiple agencies.  This project will address the immediate need to support agencies in how they accelerate a “virtual government environment” now and in the future with the new normal of a massive teleworking.

Project Background
The current response to the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting gaps in digital government, with the ability for government employees to effectively work outside of their offices.   Given the nature of this response, the need to accelerate digital government and virtual workforce capabilities across agencies and departments is great.  Some agencies are running full Continuity of Operations (COOP) drills with success while other agencies struggle.   There is an immediate need to share lessons learned and best practices to help all agencies move forward, regardless of their level of IT modernization maturity.

The project team will research lessons learned and tips from the COVID-19 pandemic; identify gaps in funding and authorities; continue progressing on remote workforce toolkits and remote workforce management model; and for longer term, develop/share remote workforce toolkits and management model to drive progress.


Project Lead(s)

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Group Project Deliverables

Deliverable Name Deliveable Type Expected/Actual Deliverable Completion
White paper with recommendations White Paper August 2020
Roundtable/Event Panel Discussion September 2020
Project/Activity Status: 
In Progress
Expected/Actual Project Completion: 
Dec 31, 2020
Gov-Ind Engagement
Software Systems Development
Technology Management