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President's FY2019 Budget - Information Technology Appendix


Every day millions of Americans rely on Federal information technology (IT) to engage with Federal services and information. The President proposes spending nearly $45.8 billion on IT investments at major civilian agencies, which will be used to acquire, develop, and implement modern technologies that enhance digital service delivery. This budget also supports the forthcoming President’s Management Agenda (PMA), OMB policies, and Federal laws that enable agency technology planning, oversight, funding, and accountability practices. It will also support the consolidation of common agency services; migration to secure, cost-effective commercial cloud solutions; and the modernization of antiquated and often unsecured legacy systems. This investment will, in alignment with the PMA, focus on addressing root structural, process, and capability challenges in government technology service delivery. The analysis in this chapter excludes the Department of Defense and classified spending which in FY 2018 was $42.5 billion, or 44 percent of the IT budget for that year


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