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NASA Releases SEWP Contract Guide 2017-2018


Welcome to the 2017-2018 NASA SEWP V Contract Guide. It contains all the information you need to use SEWP for your next IT product or product based services requirement.

SEWP stands for Solutions for Enterprise-wide Procurement. It's an IT, communications (ICT) and AV products and product based services contract. SEWP is an OMB authorized GWAC — Governmentwide Acquisition Contract and is used by all Federal agencies.

The 143 pre-competed Contract Holders vetted by SEWP provide the entire federal agency community with a way to quickly purchase IT, telecommunications, networking equipment, peripherals and all the services related to products both pre- and post- installation.

There are products ranging from $1 cables to multimillion dollar super computers.  NASA SEWP has a 50 person customer service team dedicated to your success.

With SEWP, your agency doesn't have to worry about how to set up a contract; how to get the products you need and how the pricing is done. All that is done for you so that all you have to worry about is your requirements and your technical needs.

In this Special NASA SEWP V Contract Guide, you will learn about:

  • Buying is Easy Using SEWP
  • User Friendly Web Tools Make Buying Easy
  • Get EPEAT Rating for 13 million CLINs
  • SEWP Group Listings (143 Vetted Contract Holders)
  • Federal ICT Procurement Simplified
  • Agency Catalogs Facilitate Strategic Buys
  • Customer Service-"The Gold Standard" 
  • Reports Track Buying
  • EARP Ensures Supply Chain
  • Get Strategic, Get FASST
  • Credit Cards for Micropurchases under $3,500
  • 14 Free Training Options
  • The Contract Holder Relationship Manager or CHRM
  • Contract Holder Capabilities 
  • Expert Views/Expert Advice

And A Special Executive Interview & Analysis from:

  • Joanne Woytek-NASA SEWP Program Manager
  • Darlene Coen - NASA SEWP Deputy Program Manager

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