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GSA Integrated Award Environment Hosts Virtual Industry Outreach Event


Dear Industry Partners and Stakeholders:

 You are invited to participate in the Integrated Award Environment’s next virtual industry outreach event on December 5, 2017 from 1:00PM to 2:00PM EST.  Please register online for this informative and interactive event.

 As you are likely aware, the IAE has implemented a number of significant, important updates and improvements to our systems in the recent past; from launching the new environment ( to revising current systems (CPARS, FPDS, SAM) and beyond, one thing is constant within the IAE – and that’s change.  With that in mind, we’re dedicating our next virtual outreach event to you and your questions only. This is your chance to ask IAE representatives any and all questions you have and to discuss with us clarifications you’re seeking about any of our systems.

 This will also be a chance for you to communicate with us about any thoughts or suggestions you have about and its future as the single system that will handle all of your needs.

 Please submit all questions to


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