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Government seeks comments on proposal to create process for industry feedback on contracts and acquisitions


In 2015, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) issued guidance to test the use of a standard survey that allowed offerors, whether or not they received an award, to rate the agency’s pre-award and debriefing processes for specific solicitations. See ‘‘Acquisition 360—Improving the Acquisition Process through Timely Feedback from External and Internal Stakeholders.’’ (

OFPP, DoD, GSA, and NASA believe that establishing a standard process in the FAR for obtaining voluntary feedback following a contract award will provide more meaningful insight on ways to strengthen the contracting process than can be derived by relying on ad hoc or periodic agency satisfaction surveys. Accordingly, language is being considered to encourage contracting officers, in accordance with agency policy, to invite interested sources—actual and potential offerors—to provide feedback on various aspects of the pre-award acquisition process and debriefings, with a particular emphasis on how information is communicated.

Comments are due by September 21, 2018



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