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GAO Recommends Action to Clarify CIO Responsibilities to Improve Effectiveness


Agencies plan to spend more than $96 billion on IT in fiscal year 2018; however, they continue to face longstanding challenges in doing so. Congress established the CIO position to serve as an agency focal point for IT to address these challenges. Recognizing the importance of the CIO position to successful IT management, GAO was asked to conduct a government-wide review of CIO responsibilities. GAO’s objectives were to determine (1) the extent to which agencies have addressed the role of the CIO in accordance with federal laws and guidance, and (2) major factors that have enabled and challenged agency CIOs in fulfilling their responsibilities to carry out federal laws and guidance. To do so, GAO reviewed laws and OMB guidance to identify key IT management responsibilities of federal agency CIOs and then compared them to policies of the 24 Chief Financial Officers Act agencies. GAO also administered a survey to 24 CIOs and interviewed current CIOs, as well as OMB officials.  GAO is making three recommendations to OMB and one recommendation to each of the 24 federal agencies to improve the effectiveness of CIOs’ implementation of their responsibilities for each of the six IT management areas.



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