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FY 2019 President's Budget Released


The FY 2019 President's Budget has been released and is posted here. The Federal IT Dashboard is also displaying data from the most recent FY 2019 IT Budget submission that correlates with the President's Budget here. A fact sheet describing plans to modernize government is available here.

Preview of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA): The Budget previews the PMA, which the Administration will release in March to set forth a long-term vision for an effective Government that works on behalf of the American people. Please see the attached fact sheet—Modernizing Government for the 21st Century—for more information. Additional details can be found here (pages 7-11).

Agency Strategic Plans, Priority Goals, and Performance Plans: Agencies have established new Strategic Plans and over 85 Agency Priority Goals (APGs) aligned to Administration priorities. APGs and agency strategic and performance plans can be found on, where agencies will post quarterly updates on progress of their results-oriented, measurable goals.

Burden Reduction: OMB has worked with Federal agencies to propose Congress eliminate or modify over 400 Congressionally-mandated plans and reports that are outdated or duplicative, freeing agency personnel from tens of thousands of hours of annual compliance work to better pursue mission outcomes. The list of proposals is available on

Workforce: PMA efforts will align the Federal workforce to agency missions through strategic workforce management, including initiatives to re-skill the workforce to better meet agency needs, hire the best employees and remove the worst, and engage all levels of the workforce. The Budget proposes a Workforce Fund to provide targeted pay incentives to reward and retain high performers and those with the most essential skills. Additional details can be found here.

IT/Cybersecurity: OMB is driving a Federal IT modernization process that builds and maintains more modern, secure, and resilient IT to enhance mission delivery and productivity. OMB will work with agency partners to retire legacy IT systems, remove barriers to leveraging commercial IT solutions, and improve customers' satisfaction with government services.  Agencies will take strides to safeguard sensitive data, mitigate cybersecurity risks, and address IT workforce shortages. Additional details can be found here and here.

Getting Payments Right: The Budget projects that $187 billion in savings can be achieved over the next decade through prevention of improper payments alone. Agencies will focus on getting payments right the first time and reducing costs associated with incorrect payments.

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