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Federal Financial Management Use Cases for Public Review


Treasury’s Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) as the Financial Management Line of Business Managing Partner has identified 527 Standard Data Elements which reflect the data needed to meet the inputs, outputs, and processes defined in the Federal Financial Management System Requirements. The majority of these data elements were already defined in the Data Act Information Model Scheme (DAIMS) and the Fiscal Service Data Registry; however, FIT has identified and defined 27 other data elements not defined in either of these sources.

These standard data elements will complete our framework of the components of federal financial management.  Agencies will be able to use these data elements when evaluating their current financial management systems, proposing process improvements, or planning system acquisitions and transitions.

FIT is soliciting feedback on the inventory of Federal Financial Management Standard Data Elements and specifically the 27 new elements in order to improve their accuracy and clarity. 

Visit our GitHub page ( to find out how to comment or participate in different aspects of this project. Your feedback is critical to ensure the thoroughness of the inventory.

When preparing feedback, consider the following:

For the new standard data elements identified and defined (definitions and information for these elements are available on the Data Elements Page):
• Are the data elements appropriately named?
• Are the data element definitions accurate?
• Is the Authoritative Reference(s) listed correct and comprehensive?

Also, after reviewing all of the identified Standard FM data elements:
• Are we missing any data elements?

FIT will be hosting Office Hours Calls as opportunities to discuss the FM Data Elements.  Visit to get more information.  Any other questions can be directed to



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