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Agencies Seek Exceptional Federal Professionals for Exciting, Short-term Acquisition Challenges



Acquisition Open Opportunities is an innovative new approach for matching talented government workers with agency challenges in the acquisition arena.  It works like this:

  • An agency identifies a specific need where it could use some new ideas or help.  Projects should be short-term (many require only 4 to 8 hours of assistance) and are very focused.
  •  The agency places a description of the project (as well as the time required and the deadline) on the Acquisition Open Opportunities website
  •  Interested individuals (must be a full-time government employee) submit an application via the web site.  (You must have your supervisor’s approval before submitting the application).
  •  If selected you will do the work from your regular work location and during working hours.
  •  When the project is successfully completed you will gain insights into another organization, some new relationships and a sense of accomplishment and contribution.  There’s no pay, but what you do get is priceless.


 For individuals, this is a low risk, high ROI opportunity to acquire new knowledge and relationships while making a difference.  For agencies this is a great way to generate some new and innovative input that will contribute to better outcomes.

 To learn more about this innovative new program, or to find a challenge that may be of interest, go to




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