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Future Proofing Your IT Workforce Mobility Program

Future Proofing Your IT Workforce Mobility Program

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm
Imagine Nation Theater
Mission Modernization

Are you struggling to source the right IT talent? Did you know that 78% of tech workers say they would move or have moved for the right job? Whether you are moving jobs to people, moving people to jobs, tapping into the virtual workforce or developing your staff through internal mobility, future proofing your workforce mobility program may be the answer. The tools and information in this enlightening session will help you discover the best practices that really work to manage a modern employee mobility program. You’ll gain deep insights from Mercer Workforce Science’s research into “What Millennials Actually Value” and explore lessons from their predictive modeling applications. This will help your organization be proactive and make more informed decisions about the deployment of talent.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insights from predictive analysis of Millennial turnover to better understand what Millennials truly value
  • Learn about the systematic differences that exist between what Millennials and older workers value
  • Assess where your organization is on the workforce mobility maturity model
  • Identify the data you have and learn how to leverage your mobile workforce data effectively
  • Understand the benefits of mobility analytics and how to use them to support a nimble, mission driven workforce

Haig R. Nalbantian – Sr. Partner, Mercer

Ellie Sullivan – Senior Vice President of Advisory Services , Weichert Workforce Mobility

Terri Shaffer – Management and Program Analyst , General Services Administration