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Fraud Alert



ACT-IAC has been made aware that an unauthorized person is using the ACT-IAC logo and address to solicit bids on computer equipment from companies around the country.  The subject line is usually “RFP for Computer Supplies” and the email is being sent by “Ken Allen, Purchasing Director.”  The return address for this fake email is  -- not “”

Many companies receiving this email have questioned its authenticity and not responded to it.  However, we are aware of at least one company that contacted the sender of the fake email and, believing they were talking with a legitimate organization, agreed to ship computers upon receipt of a Purchase Order from the fake buyer.  The “buyer” asked that the computers be shipped to an ACT-IAC field office in Georgia.  The address is a U-haul dealer.

The appropriate authorities have been notified of this scam.  Please don’t be taken in.


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