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Fabric of Digital Government

Fabric of Digital Government

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Imagine Nation Theater
Mission Modernization

As the U.S. federal government continues on its journey to digitally transform its operations and citizen services, there are three consistent challenges: people continue to respond differently to change, technology continues to evolve, and innovation continues to be a tough balancing act of maintaining today’s reliability with tomorrow’s possibilities. Best practices are emerging in digital transformation across the interconnected fabric of people, process and technology. Our panelists will discuss how they have achieved success in their agency’s transformation journey balancing people, process and tech challenges. Our discussion will balance strategic and pragmatic aspects, so attendees leave with practical ideas that can be applied within their own initiatives.

Learning Objectives:
Learn practical approaches to strategize, plan, execute, and scale digital transformation initiatives
Share program/project/pilot examples, best practices, and lessons learned
Discuss how agencies are approaching acquisition, project execution, emerging technology, and organizational concerns to meet strategic objectives


Stephanie Mango – Senior Vice President, SAJE (Security, Assistance, Justice, , CGI