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FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure-2 (FTI-2) (Completed)


Provide an ongoing forum for capturing government and industry comments, feedback, and recommendations on relevant topics related to the FTI-2 program throughout its lifecycle.

The FAA obtains approximately 25,000 telecommunications services under the existing FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) contract that expires September 2017. The FAA, in collaboration with industry, is planning for the subsequent program, known as "FTI-2", to provide all telecommunication services nationwide.

FTI-2 will result in one or more competitive awards. To ensure continuity of services between the end of the FTI contract and the transition to FTI-2, a bridge contract with the existing FTI service provider is also planned for up to 5 years The FTI-2 timeline shows the major milestones in the program's development.

The FTI-2 program will encompass telecommunications services for both the National Airspace System's (NAS) Operational Network as well as FAA's Mission Support Administrative Network.

To facilitate industry engagement in the planning for FTI-2, the FAA has assembled the FTI-2 Working Group in collaboration with the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC). Comprised of FAA and industry representatives, the FTI-2 ACT-IAC Working Group provides an ongoing forum for capturing industry and government comments, feedback, and recommendations on topics related to the FTI-2 program. The group is divided into committees to provide input on the following key topics:

  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Technology and Performance
  • Implementation and Transition
  • Operations

For example, the Acquisition Strategy Committee will provide input to assist the FAA with meeting key goals for the FTI-2 acquisition:

  • Structuring the FTI-2 procurement in a manner that fosters competition
  • Identifying the scope of services and optimal acquisition strategy for potential service groupings
  • Ensuring a cost-risk balance between the FAA and the FTI-2 serviceprovider(s)
  • Identifying contractual mechanisms that will incentivize the service provider's performance and ensure that the FAA pays market-competitive rates for the services across the program lifecycle

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Group Project Deliverables

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March 2018
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Jun 30, 2017
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