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When Does Information Become TMI?

2020-10-15 11:00:00 2020-10-15 12:00:00 America/New_York When Does Information Become TMI? See more details at: VIRTUAL, , ,
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The acceleration of commonly shared experiences in sharing data over the past months brought about by COVID-19’s spread across the nation and the world—be it professional or personal, in business and at home – has forever changed the conversation on data sharing. When data is shared, harvested, and analyzed for the greater good, when there is more acceptance and reliance in using public data, data becomes the driver of informed decisions. 

Today, throughout the course of managing and overcoming a pandemic, and into the future, data as an asset has gone beyond being a strategy. Data is not only a key strategy, but a proven enabler in driving missions and delivering services.  

But where does data sharing go from here? Where will it lead nations, governments, even citizens to? Yes, knowledge is power and data has proven to be the currency vital to driving intelligent, citizen-centric decisions. But when does information become “too much information?” Is it too much information due to lack of access security?

This webinar will focus on the exponential rise of successful adoptions and the best practices across public and private sectors, by leveraging data as a strategic asset and enabler of transformation.


  • Discuss how COVID-19 is driving data sharing adoption today and how it’s shaping and enabling strategies of the future
  • Learn how government data sharing policies, standards, and structures will continue to support the most efficient cyber posture to protect the enterprise and promote data security, and citizen privacy protection


Moderator: Jason Porter, VP, Emerging Technologies Practice, CGI

Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia
Thomas A. Beach, Interim Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce


This webinar is made possible by our sponsor, CGI. Thank you!