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Quantum Cyber Webinar

2020-06-24 11:00:00 2020-06-24 13:00:00 America/New_York Quantum Cyber Webinar See more details at: VIRTUAL, , ,
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Quantum computing offers a more sophisticated computing model that has significantly increased computer power, is faster, and will lend itself to a Quantum-Smart workforce.  Do you want your data to be safe and protected in ten or twenty years from now?  Would you like a faster computing process in place to prevent attacks on data?  Will Quantum computer threaten the current encryption infrastructure?  What are the plans for using Quantum in the pilots today and in the future.  If you would like answers to these questions, join the ACT-IAC Quantum educational webinar that will provide an overview of Quantum, what it is used for today, what the barriers are to Quantum Innovation and how to “experiment” with it today.

This is a learning, sharing and understanding webinar to further educate government, industry and academia on the power of Quantum.

Keynote Speakers:
Conner Prochaska, Chief Commercialization Officer and Director, Office of Technology Transitions, U.S. Department of Energy
R. Paul Stimers, Partner, K&L Gates LLP, and Executive Director, Quantum Industry Coalition

Moderator: Jason M. Porter, VP of Emerging Technology Practice Lead, CGI Federal

Susie Adams, Federal Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft
Gabe Chang, Quantum Ambassador, U.S. Federal IBM
Lily Chen, Cryptographic Technology Group Manager, Computer Security Division, National Institute for Standards Technology (NIST), Department of Commerce
Jim Gable, President, Bra-Ket Science
Brandon Rodenburg, Quantum Information Science Group, The Mitre Corporation
Claire Vishik, Senior Director, Trusted Technologies, Intel


Director and Chief Commercialization Officer, Office of Technology Transitions
Paul Stimers
Partner, K&L Gates LLP, and Executive Director, Quantum Industry Coalition


This webinar is made possible by our sponsor, CGI. Thank you!