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Erica Elam

Erica Elam is an executive coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker, focusing primarily on leadership development, building skills and cultures that produce the best results.

Erica’s has lived and worked extensively abroad. This international experience as a technologist, corporate leader and entrepreneur has created a great appreciation for diverse perspectives, and the individual and organizational benefits of cultures that leverage this diversity. At the core of Erica’s approach is a deep respect and appreciation for the unique value each individual brings to their roles. She believes that strong, diverse, high-performing teams are built and empowered in inclusive environments grounded in trust. Erica works to help leaders build cultures of trust by connecting to their best selves, to their power and to each other to maximize individual and collective impact.

Erica’s focus on leadership development builds on her career in information technology where she has worked to leverage technology and human-centric approaches to bring people together to solve problems and create new opportunities. She creates and delivers programs globally to build leadership competencies such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, organizational savvy, influence, and conflict and change management. 

Erica’s primary focus is women’s leadership. She has worked with over 1000 women globally over the last 5 years in transformational leadership programs. In 2019, Erica co-presented a session on women and power at the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world’s largest conference for women in technology. She is also a TEDx speaker coach, with coaching two speakers at TEDx Pearl Street in July 2020.

Erica is a Newfield Network ontological coach, certified also as a Conversational Intelligence® coach, and Narrative Coaching® Practitioner. She has been trained and holds certifications in a number of tools and methodologies, including Organizational Savvy®, The Reach Method®, HBDI® whole-brain thinking style, EQi2.0/360® (Emotional Intelligence), and Diamond Power Index®.  She studied business at UNC-Greensboro and George Mason University and holds several IT, networking and cybersecurity certifications.