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Back to the Future ‐ ‘Re‐Imagining’ Assets to Make an Impact



Several months ago, the thought of vaccinating one million U.S. citizens a day against the COVID19 virus, let alone over two million a day, would have seemed impossible. Even when highly effective vaccines were approved for emergency use by the FDA, how could they be mass produced, and distributed throughout the country, and shots provided to millions of citizens to control the pandemic? There are many answers, both small and huge victories achieved through creative‐thinking and re‐thinking how we might use available resources in new ways, from a child collecting unused face masks from hotel cleaning lockers to provide PPE to frontline workers, and creating field hospitals in convention centers, to enacting the Defense Production Act to reallocate industry manufacturing plants to produce more vaccine, two pharmaceutical competitors teaming up to manufacture large quantities of vaccine using both companies’ production capabilities, and using stadiums, parking lots, and sports arenas as vaccination clinics.

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Apr 1, 2021
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Institute for Innovation