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Charlotte Phelan

Charlotte Phelan

Assistant Commissioner, Office of Travel, Transportation, and Logistics, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA

Ms. Charlotte Phelan serves as GSA’s Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Travel, Transportation, and Logistics (TTL), and provides strategic direction and oversight for GSA’s Offices’ of Fleet Management and Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation. TTL also serves as the Government-wide Category Manager for the non-tactical motor vehicle and travel categories.

GSA’s Fleet Vehicle Acquisition and Leasing Programs generate $3.0 billion annually in business volume and provide safe, reliable, low-cost lease vehicles and economical fleet management services to federal agencies. This program is able to leverage the government’s buying power to achieve significant discounts of more than 23 percent below manufacturer’s invoice prices. 

GSA’s Office of Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation manages the procurement of 12 government-wide programs representing in excess of $4.5 billion in federal acquisitions.  TTL leverages the buying power of the federal government and realizes an estimated cost savings of $2.2 billion annually with the City Pair airline program alone. 

Updated June 2020