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Call for Nominations for IAC Executive Committee


IAC is seeking nominations for candidates to serve on the IAC Executive Committee.  Information on the number of vacancies and the nomination process is provided below.   Nominations are due by 5:00 PM (EDT) on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

IAC Executive Committee Vacancies

In 2018 the following positions are open for election:  four (4) Vice Chair positions; one (1) Vice Chair for Finance position; and one (1) Executive Vice President position.  The Vice Chair and Vice Chair for Finance positions are two year terms beginning July 1, 2018.  The individual elected as Executive Vice President will begin a one year term on July 1, 2018 and become IAC Chair on July 1, 2019.

2018 Nomination and Election Process

Pursuant to the bylaws, the Nominating Committee will develop a slate of candidates for election to the IAC Executive Committee.  That slate will be provided to the membership and an opportunity will be presented for interested persons to submit petitions to be added to the slate.  All candidates, including any added via petition, will be provided an opportunity to address the membership at the May membership meeting.  Voting will open immediately thereafter.  Each IAC member company in good standing will be entitled to a vote.  Once all votes have been tabulated, the new Executive Committee members will be announced. 

Responsibilities and Qualifications of Executive Committee Members

The IAC Executive Committee is responsible for governing the activities of the Industry Advisory Council in an effective, efficient and ethical manner consistent with the organization’s mission, policies and Code of Conduct.  Specific activities of the Executive Committee include advising the ACT Board of Directors, overseeing the operation and management of IAC activities, developing such policies and procedures as needed, protecting the financial integrity of the organization and working in partnership with the Executive Director. 

The IAC Executive Committee is a governance board – one that addresses strategic issues and exercises appropriate oversight of the organization’s activities.  With the exception of those positions identified in the bylaws – the chair, executive vice chair and vice chair for finance – it is intended that the remaining members of the Executive Committee will be elected as At-Large members.  Once the Executive Committee is assembled each Executive Committee member will be asked to assume responsibility for a portfolio of activities.  These portfolios will be based on the evolving needs of the organization and the interests and strengths of individual members.  The Executive Committee meets approximately every month and also holds an off-site strategic planning meeting in June or July.  On average the time commitment expected of Executive Committee members is between 10 and 20 hours each month.

Nominees for the IAC Executive Committee should:

  • Be a full time employee of an IAC member company in good standing.
  • Occupy an executive position within his or her organization (for example, CEO or Federal division leader or their direct reports).
  • Be committed to the ACT-IAC mission of a more effective government and understand and support the unique role of ACT-IAC.
  • Have been engaged in ACT-IAC and understand the diversity of activities on the organization's agenda
  • Be able to contribute the time needed to carry out their Executive Committee responsibilities
  • Be able and willing to attend other ACT-IAC events throughout the year
  • Be able to operate successfully in a collaborative environment and put the good of the entire organization and its mission to improve government above individual interests, both personal and corporate.
  • Be able and willing to cultivate new IAC members, solicit financial support for the organization’s activities, and cultivate and recruit volunteers.
  • Have the highest ethical standards and be willing to assist in ensuring compliance with those standards by all who participate in the organization.


A more detailed description of Executive Committee responsibilities and qualifications for each position is available in the document entitled Responsibilities and Qualifications of Executive Committee Members.  Nominees for the Executive Committee and those submitting nominations should read this document carefully as it sets forth the criteria that will be used by the Nominating Committee to assess candidates.

Submitting Nominations

Nominations for the IAC Executive Committee should be submitted using the online using the Executive Committee Nomination Form.  Self-nominations are permitted.  Each nomination should include the information listed below.  Failure to provide all the requested information may result in the nomination not being considered. 

  • Name, title, company and contact information of person submitting the nomination
  • Name, title, company and contact information of person being nominated
  • Position for which he or she is being nominated
  • Brief summary of candidate’s professional experience
  • Description of past or current involvement in ACT-IAC and other professional organizations
  • How the candidate would contribute to the accomplishment of IAC’s mission as a member of the Executive Committee
  • Any other information that the Nominating Committee should consider

Nominations should be submitted no later than 5:00 PM (EDT) on March 15, 2018.

Further Information

For further information on the election process, contact Ken Allen (703-208-4800, ext. 204 or



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