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Ashley Casovan

Executive Director

Focused on the societal impacts of technology, Ashley has been at the forefront of building tools and policy interventions to support the responsible use and adoption of innovative technologies. With key leadership roles in the public sector including at the Government of Canada and the City of Edmonton, she has developed a strong reputation for developing workable governance for data, artificial intelligence, and open source tools. Her work has led to meaningful change in government and beyond. Recently joining the non-profit sector as the Executive Director of AI Global, Ashley continues to advance the responsible and ethical adoption of Artificial Intelligence by creating tools to help those building and deploying these systems. Recognizing the importance of the community, Ashley works at the intersection of government, industry, academia, and civil society to bring all of the relevant voices and research together.

Prior to AI Global, Ashley was the Director of Data and Digital for the Government of Canada where she led the Directive on Automated Decision-Making Systems, Algorithmic Impact Assessment, and pre-qualified AI Vendor List. These were some of the first efforts of any national government to oversee the responsible development of AI. She continues to stay involved in the community and is a member of:

  • Canada’s AI Strategy Council Public Awareness Working Group
  • The Canadian Data Governance Collaboration Steering Committee
  • Responsible AI Advisor to the United States Government Accountability Office
  • ISO JTC1/SC42