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ACT-IAC White Paper: FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure-2 (FTI-2) Parallel Ops

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FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure-2 (FTI-2) Parallel Ops
Developed by the N&T COI FTI-2 Working Group,  Networks and Telecommunications (N&T) Community of Interest
Date Released: May 23, 2017

One of the FAA’s main objectives is the continuation of high quality and availability of services during the transition period leading to full FTI-2 deployment. This paper explores issues related to Parallel Operations – keeping existing services in place to continue to support critical mission systems, while at the same time implementing new architectures, technologies, services, and practices. What issues are under FAA consideration for parallel operations of legacy and FTI-2 systems during the transition period? Do some sites and services require a different approach?
FAA also seeks considerations and strategies as to how to transition the current redundant backbone with Internet Protocol (IP) and narrowband, channelized Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) services to the new FTI-2 services including identification of elements that may have a positive and/or negative impact on transition schedules.
Some lessons-learned from the previous contract migration are examined as well as potential FTI-2 critical project activities, stakeholder communications, measures of progress and success, proper planning guidelines and preparation, creation of a general migration plan, and identification of anticipated risks and some associated mitigation strategies. Bear in mind these are historical observations which may or may not foreshadow future events.

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May 23, 2017
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ACT-IAC Report
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