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ACT-IAC White Paper: Benchmarking –TBM’s Next Frontier

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Benchmarking – TBM’s Next Frontier
Developed by the ACT-IAC IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest
Date Released: September 30, 2020, Updated March 1, 2021

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a standardized multi-dimensional taxonomy that serves as an excellent framework to categorize and increase the transparency of IT spending within an organization. However, particularly in the Federal Government where agencies vary in terms of mission focus and technology needs, additional analytical methods are necessary to compare performance, gauge cost-effectiveness and efficiency of critical IT functions and services, and highlight potential improvement and savings opportunities. Benchmarking efforts, when leveraging TBM results as the data foundation, offer a genuine complementary capability by providing comparative data sets for industry peers and/or broader composite groupings, contextual best practices, and a useful means for influencing data-driven decision making.

Read the Executive Summary. If you would like a copy of the full paper, contact Nancy Delanoche.

Document Date: 
Sep 30, 2020
Author (organization): 
ACT-IAC IT Management & Modernization COI
Document type: 
ACT-IAC Report
Technology Management