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ACT-IAC publishes white paper on Talent as a Service


Talent as a Service: "Reimagining how the federal government sources, recruits, and onboards talent" Part 2/2 (Concept of Operations)

ACT-IAC, through the Evolving the Workforce Community of Interest, published a white paper entitled "Talent as a Service: Reimagining how the federal government sources, recruits, and onboards talent (Concept of Operations)."  This Concept of Operations (ConOps) is a second document of the ACT-IAC Talent as a Service project and provides greater levels of detail for how the federal government can implement a systematic approach to identify, recruit, and onboard potential employees. This report delves further into concepts around pro-active sourcing, talent pools, workforce planning, process, policy, resources, and infrastructure. All integrated and designed with the goal of immediately improving the federal hiring process, reducing vacancies, expediting clearances, identifying mission critical skills, and improving the candidate experience.

Read the Talent as a Service Executive Report (Part 1/2) here.


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