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ACT-IAC Invites Members to Participate in Working Group to Help GSA OASIS


During the development of the initial OASIS procurement, ACT-IAC provided valuable advice to GSA through a committee operating under the ACT-IAC Fellows Program.  That committee is being reestablished to provide additional advice to GSA.  The purpose of the committee is to provide information to GSA to assist in GSA's market research concerning potential OASIS on and off Ramps, as well as general insights into the program management of OASIS from the industry perspective:  best practices, suggestions, industry observations, customer feedback, etc.  

The committee currently anticipates generating two White Papers for GSA:  one concerning the On-Ramp/Off-Ramp/Option Exercise for the OASIS contracts and the other providing suggestions related to the OASIS Program in general. 

Membership in the committee is open to all ACT-IAC members.  For further information or to volunteer, contact :  Industry Co-Chair:  Jim Ghiloni at


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