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ACT-IAC Cybersecurity COI and GSA RFI for Zero Trust 2020

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The ACT-IAC Cybersecurity COI in partnership with the General Services Administration (GSA) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to conduct market research in the vendor community seeking vendor capabilities in the areas of Zero Trust Architectures/Networking (Zero Trust), and supporting technologies.  Along with this message, GSA is also issuing a similar posting on eBuy under Schedule 70 SIN 132-45 in order to cast the widest net.  If you are responding to the posting under eBuy there is no need to respond to this one as well.

The information gained from this RFI will be used to develop informational products to inform cross-government security professionals. No RFP is expected to result from this request. GSA anticipates that there are many vendors who have products and solutions that are available to assist the Federal Government with implementing the principles of Zero Trust, so this RFI is an effort to gather that information.

Brief Background

In May 2018, the Federal CIO Council Services, Strategy, and Infrastructure Committee asked ACT-IAC to evaluate the technical maturity, availability for procurement, and other important issues related to the potential federal agency adoption of Zero Trust.  The project’s approach included two phases. Phase 1 was to provide some initial market research, presentations and demonstrations, and evaluation of the underlying trust algorithms of Zero Trust.  That phase has been completed and results of the research were summarized in a report “Zero Trust Cybersecurity Current Trends” released April 18, 2019. Phase 2 is now underway, and this phase aims at evaluating the maturity of Zero Trust capabilities against industry products and solutions. GSA is conducting research for Phase 2 of this project and is conducting a market survey requesting vendors to provide responses on how their products and solutions align with specific Zero Trust policies/requirements AND share current and future use cases as examples of implementation. 

Please respond directly to [email protected] Responses deadline has been extended to July 13th, 2020.

Document Date: 
Jun 9, 2020
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ACT-IAC Zero Trust Vendor Outreach
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Engagement Opportunities