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7-S for Success



In testimony presented to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on May 8, 2014, IAC Executive Vice Chair Dan Chenok outlined a framework of critical success factors for large-scale government IT programs and set forth a framework of principles intended to reduce risk and increase the opportunities for success.  The ACT-IAC recommended framework, titled "Key Success Factors for Major Programs that Leverage IT7-S for Success" framework seeks to broaden the focus from IT oversight to overall program management while taking into account the policy and political realities within which the Federal government works.  The principles are not intended as a checklist for compliance purposes.  Rather, the framework provides a management approach for large transformations in which each "S" represents a key area of focus but all of the "S's" enhance the potential for creating successful outcomes.

The 7-S framework put forward by ACT-IAC evolved through a collaborative process that included both government and industry experts and executives, and reflects lessons learned through the unique public-private partnership at the heart of ACT-IAC. The ability to bring government and industry executives in an objective and trusted forum where they can work in partnership towards a shared vision of a more effective and efficient government.

The 7-S framework is consistent with ACT-IAC's strategic plan and will be incorporated into activities related to the priority area on Planning, Management and Delivery.  ACT-IAC will seek to work with government to implement the framework. Details on the hearing are provided below.

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

May 8, 2014 hearing on "Identifying Critical Factors for Success in Information Technology Acquisitions"

Panel 1:

  • Honorable Dan Tangherlini, Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration (testimony)
  • Steven VanRoekel, U.S. Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget (testimony)
  • David A. Powner, Director of Information Technology Management Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office (testimony)

Panel 2:

  • Dan Chenok, IAC Executive Vice Chair, ACT-IAC (testimony)
  • Karen Evans, Partner, KE&T Partners, LLC and former OMB E-Government Administrator (testimony)

See video footage of the May 8th hearing

Download a copy of the the "7-S for Success" framework

See the Press Release



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