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The 360 Degree Citizen

The 360 Degree Citizen

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 4:05pm to 4:25pm
Center Stage

New technologies and social networks allow citizens to collaborate and communicate with each other more rapidly and with a massive amount of data, leading to unprecedented changes in how consumer markets operate. This revolution is starting to change how government works with citizens as well, in ways that will have profound changes ranging from policy development (such as “participatory budgets” that draw on citizen perspectives to define spending priorities) to service delivery (such as self- service online applications and reporting channels that replace lengthy and complex paper processes). Citizens will continue to drive similar transformations, which may even extend to areas like emergency management. Will direct civic action “disintermediate” bureaucracy, and what impacts might this have on accountability for results from - and ultimately trust in - government?

Citizens rely upon government services at all levels; local, state and federal. As we think about customer centric design in public sector, we need to create connections across the levels of government to serve the whole citizen at their fingertips. Wouldn’t we all benefit from an app with all things government that makes our interactions easier, digital and personalized? With a single app can process forms for self, dependents, and businesses (i.e. birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport application, death certificates, state and federal taxes) and check status, and receive alert reminders for when action is needed (such as a license or passport renewal, car inspection safety check, etc). Working within government boundaries is challenging enough, how do we work across and how do we protect privacy with so much information centralized?