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2019 Partner Challenge: National Treasures in a 5G World

2019 Partner Challenge: National Treasures in a 5G World

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm
Themes Theatre
Emerging Technology

Advancements in 5G technology promise new possibilities and enhanced experiences through citizen and government interactions. The 2019 ACT-IAC Partners Challenge team explored the rapidly evolving landscape as federal agencies and industry together consider the impacts and unanswered questions in modernizing to a 5G world.

The team presents a Virtual Treasures use case where our nation's historical records, artifacts, and public spaces are experienced and managed in a 5G optimized environment including: Richer in-person and remote experiences; optimized operations; and enhanced operational security of our most treasured places. We also explore acquisition considerations and a share high-level readiness checklist that agencies might use to initiate modernization efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider opportunities and challenges associated with 5G implementation
  • Explore the citizen experience with and access to our nation’s historical artifacts
  • Understand the federal roadmap to 5G implementation


Challenge Team

Shaunak Ashtaputre, Karsun Sollutions LLC
Manish Dadhich, Zolon Tech, Inc.
Laura Floyd, Perspecta
Clint McCoy, GSA, FAS
Mohith Naranan, Bart and Associates, Inc.
Amanda Nguyen, U.Group
Vicky Niblett, GSA
Al Pasquarella, Department of Homeland Security
Eric Rippetoe, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Cory Wagner, Environmental Protection Agency