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2018 Partners

2018 Government Partners
  • Jeff Bardwell, Department of Homeland Security
  • Chris Bennethum, General Services Administration
  • Sheena Burrell, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Charles Cornelius, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Bradley Cornell, General Services Administration
  • Jared Houghton, Department of Justice
  • Theresa Kinney, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Raymond Lewis, General Services Administration
  • Carolyn Meza, General Services Administration
  • Carla Thomas, Department of Homeland Security
  • Cheryl Thornton, General Services Administration
  • Jeremy Wood, Millennium Challenge Corporation
2018 Industry Partners
  • Peter Anih, Dynanet Corporation
  • David Bushick, AT&T Global Business Public Sector Solutions
  • Michael Drescher, TCG Inc.
  • Vipin Jain, Optimal Technology Solutions Inc.
  • Jeff Kramer, Reed Technology
  • Raza Latif, NuAxis Innovations
  • Wendy Myers, Suntiva, LLC
  • David Newberry, Leidos
  • Kitty Nix, Three Wire Systems
  • Matt Sexton, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Serge  Shahabian, Unisys Federal Systems
  • Chae Song, Karsun Solutions LLC
  • Sudha Venkateswaran, Pyramid Systems, Inc.
2018 Partners Program Leaders
  • Government Chair, Ron Thompson, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Industry Chair, Atacan Donmez, CSRA
  • Government Vice Chair, Karen Maher, United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Government Vice Chair, Kelly Morrison, Office of Management and Budget
  • Industry Vice Chair, Terry Miller, Karsun Solutions
  • Industry Vice Chair, Jeff Shen, Red Team Consulting

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